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Reading On Love – Discover Your True Love Path

Welcome, My name is Kristine and I have been serving women to discover their love path for over 20 years.

One of the most common themes that I get asked about is reading on love, your love path and where is love taking you.

During my Reading On Love psychic reading sessions you will discover your true love path and in doing so enable yourself to grow more fully into the love you already have or unmask yourself to be available for real true love.

 reading on love

If you are feeling a lack of love in your life a reading on love psychic session can help you to move through everything that is blocking you from being fully in love with yourself. This also encourages the facilitation of a true depth to love in your life healing old wounds and moving you into a greater sense of your loving self.

Women often find my guided meditation Awakening Your Divine Feminine to be of great help in this matter and you can learn more about that by clicking here.

If you truly searching for a reading on love you have come to the right place. With my skills and years of experience I will quickly and gently target the very areas of your life you need to work on in order to shift blockages to your self loving which in turn opens you to a greater ability to love others.

If you are :

  • unhappy in your current relationship?
  • searching for a ‘true love’ relationship?
  • wondering if your current relationship is good for you?
  • wondering why you are afraid to love?
  • asking, “where has my sexual energy gone?”
  • wondering, “why does my partner not understand me?”

Then a reading on love could very well serve you appropriately at this time.

Reading on love sessions last just over an hour depending upon what is coming up and are recorded and sent to you on email after to assist in your personal evolution.

I service my clients with utmost privacy and do so gently so that you are able to grow without feeling constraints to your way of being in the world. We all need a hand at times and this is essentially what reaching out to a psychic can do for you. Guidance can be hard to ask for although when sought privately you can open yourself easily and clearly without fear of being judged which enables one self to grow.

A reading on love should really be thought of as a reach out to grow and evolve one self. Without help we often stagnate and feel stuck in our conditioning which is only natural as we are creatures of habit. Changing those habits toward something that enables one to be more of the person you want to be is key to the basis of a reading on love.

If you are interested in booking a reading on love session with me please fill in the form below and I will contact you back within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for reading.


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