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Phone Psychic Readings And Their Benefits

phone psychic readings for personal growth and guidance
Phone Psychic Readings will benefit you most when delivered faithfully by a skilled psychic reader.

Kristine delivers readings with her skill base holding the space for you to open up gently allowing the truth of your life path to come forth.

Your higher purpose becomes known in the now, readily and easily accessible.

When you consult phone psychic readings with an authentic psychic and the session is offered from a grounded and real place exploring your connection to your life many benefits flow.

You are able to touch on places where you are “stuck” in life enabling you to push through gently and with empathy toward a greater understanding of self and life path.


How Are Phone Psychic Sessions Hosted?

Phone psychic sessions are like any other session with the exception that you will sit with me in a nice private quiet place and we will talk on your phone.

We can talk on your mobile or land-line telephone at any appointed session time that we agree upon.


What Are The Benefits Of Phone Psychic Sessions?

Sessions are just like a session in person although we can’t see each other.

This has no bearing what so ever on my ability as a reader.

Some clients prefer a phone psychic session simply because it enables them to carefully listen to what we are discussing.

You can have a phone psychic reading via Skype if you’d prefer also by just not calling on video when we start our session.

For your convenience all sessions are recorded and offered as a download afterwards for later review of the ongoing changes you may experience.

Sessions often average 45 minutes in length.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Phone Psychic Readings?

Phone psychic sessions are best held when you are ready for an intimate and personal look into your life from perspectives that are not normally available to your conscious awareness.

Sessions often benefit people with pressing life questions that they wish answered that they themselves are not able to discover.

Imagine for a moment that a phone psychic session is like sitting with direct connection to your higher self.

This higher self when opened to fully can enable you to grow in your life in ways that you can’t imagine simply because it relates to you exactly what your soul needs for positive and lasting change.

One of the key elements to being able to process the detail that comes from a phone psychic session is ensuring that when you are in session that you have little distractions.

It is highly recommended that a session is better if you are in a super comfortable chair or space without anything to distract you.

This time is for you. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you will get the most from your session.

Taking The Next Small Step…

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Telephone Psychic Readings In Australia Testimonials

To learn more on how I will help you in a session please refer to a sample of my numerous phone psychic testimonials below

  • JHS – Byron Bay – Australia

    Thank you so much for today… I can’t even tell you how deep a shift i have felt already. Within that first ten minutes I was very uncomfortable… until i let go. And what unfolded was as authentic as it gets. You are truly incredible. To take me to such a deeply hidden place which i keep so well guarded – so quickly. With a respectful domination of sorts. To allow me to drop it. And not allow me not to. Thank you – from deep inside myself. From the part that wants to see more light. She sends you gratitude with magnitude! Much love… i’m know i’ll be in touch again – i already want to refer you to every single person I love x JHS

  • Rachel – Australia – Victoria Kristine is the first psychic I’ve ever consulted and I did so cautiously as I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Kristine exuded a warm, nurturing presence which reassured me I was in safe hands. She offered me clarity and understanding around where I was at, at a time when I was quite overwhelmed. It was very helpful to receive practical advice on how to make the necessary changes to grow and create a better life for myself. Thanks!
  • A M – Australia:NSW My first session with Kristine came at a cross road in my life. Her insights helped me move forward with confidence. She offered many useful tools that are applicable to my life now and into the future. For that reason I have come back to the recording of our session again and again and found it to be tremendously useful when I’m in need of clarity or the encouragement to trust myself. Thank you Kristine for your work, I left your session feeling so much lighter and focused.
  • Coco Reynolds – Ireland I first went to see Kristine about 8 years ago, I was actually booked to see someone else but it did not feel right so I canceled & put it out there that I wanted someone really good,My phone rang & it was a friend that had an appointment with Kristine (the same time I was meant to have my other appointment) but could not make it, I went to see her and she was a tremendous help to me and I listened to her recording of her session many time & it helped me through a difficult break up with the father of my child & move back to Ireland.I have since been to see her many times and had numerous phone sessions from Ireland.I have recommended her to lots of my Family and friends and they have all found her to be excellent.I have also had heavenly Lomi Lomi Massages from her and they truly are bliss,I have never come across anything like it.On one of my visits to Australia,My Aunt accompanied me and we both went to have massages from Kristine, My Aunt commented that it was worth coming all the way to Australia just for a treatment with Kristine.I would highly recommend her to anybody thinking of having a session with her.all the best Coco Reynolds Ireland
  • Anonymous

    The difference I found between you and other psychics is that your emphasis is what I need to change in myself in order to change my life, i.e, take responsibility and be proactive. Other psychics just tell you what will happen in the near future and your role is passive. Being an active participant makes more sense. Gaining the tools to create the life you want are an important gift.

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