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Newsletter Sample…

I thought to share this recent newsletter as it touched a lot of my readers…

The Power of Vulnerability
TED video presentation by Brené Brown

I am sharing this video after a client sent it to me immediately after a session.

This was synchronistically sent to her via friend just after we finished.

Interestingly enough as she shared herself, it was exactly we had talked about
in our in depth 2 hour session. Of course, this was her opportunity to
“really take it in”, with life presenting the information twice in one day.

I was so touched by this video presentation.

It is one of the clearest and most relevant topics today,
and you will see that “science” is now catching up and
starting to connect the dots.

Brené Brown an obviously brilliant researcher shares her findings
about the Power of Vulnerability.

Brene Brown TED link

Here is a direct link to the video :


…My New Product Launch – The Power Of Vulnerability Series

Session 1 – Taking The First Step – Telling The Truth…


Why be vulnerable?

You cannot truly be happy until you are…
otherwise we are just pretending to be someone else.

Do you know if you are being honest with yourself yet?

If we stay stuck in a loop of repetitive behaviour we become
bored, restless, unhappy, lost, confused, depressed, sad,
lonely and disconnected and lives start to slowly or
sometimes dramatically erode, until we are forced to become
honest and real with ourselves.

Are you feeling any this happening in your life yet?

That is a signal that it is time to grow and this series
is an in depth look in how to go with your flow not resist it.

Telling the truth – it starts with you.

The Power Of Vulnerability Session 1 – Telling The Truth
is available for a limited time at $7
click now for instant access at this price.

The usual price for this product will be $28 but for the first 20 purchases
I have discounted it to $7 as an introductory special for subscribers.


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Thank you for reading.

In Gratitude


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