Integrating Your Psychic Reading Session

Often after a session you may feel tired, altered, elated or overwhelmed in different ways related to your life experience.

One of the first things you can do is just sit with it and feel what you are going through.

Let the on-going change go through you and if you feel the need please write notes so you can refer to them later.

I have written several posts specifically targeting areas for integration.

Some of these posts have accompanying audio files that are available as free audio downloads for existing clients in your client portal.

Here are some of my writings I refer people to for assisting with integration:


I also offer a specialized session for assisting with integration as well.

The integration session is different to a regular session in that you get to get everything off your mind that has arisen since the initial session.

This session is up to 30 minutes and enables you to further integrate your experience of change more consciously.

Your integration session offer is open for booking for up to 14 days after your last session.


Free Audio Products To Assist With Integration

These audio products are available free for current clients that have had a session in the last 6 months.

Login to your download page to collect any of these downloads now.

1. Whole Body Meditation – explore your body in depth and discover a more connected you. Learn more here.

2. The Power Of Vulnerability Telling The Truth  – the first step to integrating a fully present self. Learn more here.

3. Connecting To Your Intuition – discover your inner voice and it’s valuable guidance. Learn more here.

Other Audio Products That May Assist

This Free sample below will enable you to trial this product that may also help with your integration.

Right click (or ctrl key click on Mac) and choose save as to download these samples.

1. Awakening To The Divine Feminine Sample
Awakening To The Divine Feminine Sample


Exclusive clients only offer:

Awakening to the divine feminine is usually $29 rrp.
if you were to buy it directly from my shop.

To assist you in your process you can have
 product for just $19 today.

To obtain this special pricing…

Click the button below to add it to your cart
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