Block A Psychic From Reading Your Mind

How To Block A Psychic From Reading Your Mind

The key to this is to recognise when someone is tuning into you.

Often you will find that the easiest way to learn How To Block A Psychic From Reading Your Mind is to practice it with a true psychic mind reader.

A simple method would be to take the time to clear your head and sense when you are being tuned into.

You can also state orders to your higher self such that you do not want to be an open book for psychics that you may be having trouble with.

Psychics that look into you without permission may be psychic vampires.

You will know what I mean by that if you think of someone that just by being around them you often feel awfully drained.

Most mind reading psychic vampires are unaware of their innate ability its the conscious psychic vampires you have to watch out for as they use psychic attack to gain power.

How To Block A Psychic From Reading Your Mind

So now on to the key elements on How To Block A Psychic From Reading Your Mind:

1. Increase your sensitivity to being aware of when you are ‘leaking’. If you get that feeling of being watched when you know or feel that no one is around then you are more than likely having someone using remote viewing upon you in that instant. This is when you will most want to know How To Block A Psychic From Reading Your Mind.

2. Clear your mind at that moment or picture something that is completely useless to the remote viewer. Anything will do. A blank wall is a simple thing to think of.

3. Sense when the viewing is over. You will know as you will feel less energy upon you.

I trust that this short article will help you in knowing How To Block A Psychic From Reading Your Mind.

If you want to know more I would suggest tuning up your ability by learning How To Be A Psychic yourself.

Then you will know the tools being used in remote viewing of you.

Thanks for reading!


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