How Often Should I See A Psychic?

How Often Should You Have A Psychic Reading?

How Often Should You Have A Psychic Reading

This is one question I get often from clients.

Knowing how often should I see a psychic is really a personal issue but let me explain.

I have some clients that come to me monthly, others every six months and others again that may come only once a year when something is going on for them.

When people are deep in a life process they usually visit a psychic a little more often for guidance and clarity as sometimes we can get blinded by the process we are in.

How Often Should You Have A Psychic Reading then becomes a matter of personal choice. Some people decide upon whether they see a psychic based upon psychic reading prices which is reasonable to a degree however you may want to read my article on How Much For A Psychic Reading to get an idea of why it costs to see a real true reader as opposed to a market variety fortune teller.

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Pitfalls of knowing How Often Should You Have A Psychic Reading:

If your chosen reader is asking you to come and see them more then you may just have a money leech.

People like this are psychic vampires and are using their skills in a confidence trickster sort of way upon people whom are vulnerable at the time.

Be wary of any psychic that is asking you for more money more often.

Be clear within yourself  and then you will personally know How Often Should You Have A Psychic Reading by just asking yourself… Do I need this guidance now?

Personally I see psychics when it ‘feels right’ which is when I feel I am at a point in life when I feel there is a need for personal guidance.

Being curious is good in knowing How Often Should You Have A Psychic Reading.

If you are curious about your life path you then may just want more clarity and this is where a clairvoyant can come in handy.
We all have ‘blind spots’ in life and sometimes it takes a little nudge to be able to move and flow more freely with an issue.

The basic definition of clairvoyant means clear seeing and that can be useful if you feel clouded in your personal vision in any way.

Overall the benefits in knowing How Often Should You Have A Psychic Reading is that you will be self aware in your understanding when timing is right for you.

Outside of that … going when you feel it is time is usually a good idea and best practice in life.

Often people come to see me when they are experiencing difficult life issues that we all experience… like

  • being unhappy in your current relationship?
  • searching for a ‘true love’ relationship?
  • wondering if your current relationship is good for you?
  • wondering why you are afraid to love?
  • are you asking, “where has my sexual energy gone?”
  • are you wondering, “why does my partner not understand me?”
  • moving through hard life issues?
  • feeling like you are in emotional distress?
  • feeling like your life is at a cross roads?
  • facing a stressful health issue?
  • facing hard financial issues?
  • facing a career change or issues at work?
  • experiencing abuse or victimization?
  • are you asking,”why has my relationship broken down?”
  • are you wondering,”why am I so lonely?”
  • are you experiencing confusion in daily life?
  • are you dealing with grief or loss?
  • are you wondering… “why can’t I get the break I need?”
  • are you feeling its time for spiritual growth?

When I ask those questions of myself and get a ‘yes’ I usually make time to see a psychic reader myself if i am feeling ‘stuck in the process’.

I trust this information has helped you today.

Thanks for reading…

K x


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