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Why Offer A Free Psychic Reading?

Free psychic readings are a way for me to connect with you as I would in a regular session at no cost at all to you.

I realised that this is also a way I can gather material to help others with their ongoing life change as well.

Is A Free Psychic Reading Any Different To A Regular Session?

A free session is identical to a regular session in that you are served with the same level of empathy and quality that I offer everyone.

You get my attention and ability serving you one on one in a private session.

I have one requirement that the fee psychic reading client agrees to.

The requirement is that the session will be recorded, made anonymous and then used for promotional purposes.

I take your side of the conversation and alter your voice so it is unrecognizable and I will use your initials when speaking with you so you are unidentifiable..

Any personal details mentioned during the session are erased to ensure privacy.

Why Are You Recording The Free Psychic Reading Sessions?

I use this audio to illustrate how change occurs when we overcome various issues that we all experience.

The sessions are used to help others on their path to healing as well.

The audio may be also transcribed into posts.

How Do I Get A Free Psychic Reading Session?

To apply for a session you first join my free psychic requests email list below.

This email list will only be used to contact you for free psychic readings.

As a bonus you get my free newsletter and I guarantee a spam free experience that you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Once you are confirmed as a subscriber you will get the link to visit to continue your application for a free psychic reading.

Step 1. Enter your details to join the free readings email list

  • Please check your email is correct or I can't process your application
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

When Will I Know If I Am Chosen For A Free Psychic Reading?

Once you have confirmed your subscription to the free psychic readings email list you will then be forwarded to the confirmation page with a form to fill out.

The form will tell me why you ask you a short series of questions that will help me in collating and deciding on what I want to cover in a session.

I then choose from the most recent submissions and you will be contacted directly by email to arrange your session.

If I decide that I can’t choose for that month I will send out an email directly to all subscribers of the the free psychic reading list.

The person that can fit the times I have available first will get the session.

How Often Is A Free Psychic Reading Offered?

Sessions are offered by Skype Video face to face or by phone.

Video sessions are only audio recorded for privacy reasons.

When the session is complete you will get access to your session recording to assist you with ongoing growth.

Are There Any Terms And Conditions To Having A Free Psychic Reading?

The terms and conditions are covered on the application page that you get access to after confirming your subscription to the email list.

You have nothing to lose here and all to gain.

You get a free quality reading, your session recorded and your life questions answered.

Go ahead and join the list today to get started.

I look forward to having a session with you.


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