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Why Consult A Fortune Teller?

The best strategy is not always to see a physic teller to know what is going to happen next.

What if you could know what happens in your life simply by looking at what you are doing right now with clarity and empathy?

Classic fortune telling is typically a method that doesn’t offer you the full truth about your self or your situation.

It can turn you into a victim which is not a healthy life strategy.

People preying on the vulnerable searching for an online fortune teller often will gain your confidence and tell you fantastic things just to make you feel good about yourself.true psychic reading

This is neither helpful or useful and as such will often leave you feeling as though your trust has been broken when you thought you were getting help.

If there was another way rather than seeing a fortune teller that is a wise life choice for personal growth would you be interested to know more?

If you are looking for fortune teller in melbourne, sydney or anywhere online then you might want to reconsider what you are doing if you are truly seeking personal growth as part of your life path.

So What Is A Fortune Teller?

A fortune teller is someone whom typically will give predicted information about a persons life.

Classically the fortune teller is someone in a market or fair situation that you sit down with and they look at your life via means of theatrics employing various tools from tarot cards to palmistry.

This art although ancient is often abused by unscrupulous people whom are out to make money at the expense of those in need of real life advice unfortunately.

This does not mean that all fortune tellers are scammers.

It just means you have to be more wary of what you are getting into if you are asking for the services of a fortune teller as opposed to the work of a quality psychic.

So You Have To Ask The Question: Why Consult A Fortune Teller?

If you are out for potentially pure entertainment then you would consult with a fortune teller.

You would keep in mind that a fortune teller is going to just talk you into a sense of happiness about yourself.

Fortune telling itself would only benefit you for this purpose.

To believe everything a fortune teller says verbatim will only lead to disappointment.

A true psychic would never waste your time with a fantasy life and unfortunately often you will find that fortune tellers do not fit the bill of being a true psychic.

There are exceptions to the rule but do you want to find out by testing many to find someone of quality?


A Checklist To See If You Are Dealing With A Fortune Teller:

fortune tellingAre they talking to you about your future exclusively?

If you find yourself dealing with someone whom is exclusively targeting your future then you are probably working with a fortune teller rather than someone whom is going to give you accurate life information.

fortune teller onlineAre they asking to see you often and asking for more money?

Beware this is scammy behavior and you may be fleeced by someone whom is looking out for their own needs.

fortune tellersAre the descriptions you are receiving typically that you are going to be rich and famous or find the long desired love of your life?

Again this is typical of a fortune teller like situation. Some of it may be true but it isn’t a help at all if you need to evolve to get any of those things happening in your current life path.

If you are receiving information like this then it’s highly likely you are dealing with a dodgy fortune teller.

What is the benefit of a true psychic in comparison?

A true psychic will often look into your present life clearly and without your influence.

This skill enables you to see where you are being held back by inappropriate life patterns for your self evolution.

A real psychic will undoubtedly enable you to look past your current issues into other ways of being here in the now helping you to engage the future you want more clearly.

Occasionally a psychic may get glimpses of the future and will often be careful about what they say around future events.

This is because the future isn’t fully formed yet and is subject to change from so many variables that happen in every instant moment.

It is near impossible for any fortune teller can give you exact details about what will happen.

If they are claiming so they are appealing to your ego.

This isn’t helpful as it is mere distraction.

You would probably be better off rolling a dice to make a decision rather than consult with a fortune teller accordingly.

If you are truly ready to seek the services of a professional psychic then you are on the right site already.

That is what I do.

My name is Kristine and I have been trusted with showing people their life blueprint since 1991.

People often ask me what I do.

I prefer to call myself an intuitive counselor but have titled my work as being psychic as this is what most people relate to as someone with extra sensory perception ability.

If you would like to have a session with a true psychic please click the session enquiry button below to contact me and I am certain that you will have a session that is life changing for you.

Thanks for reading my article on fortune telling!



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