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  • GS NSW, Australia

    I found Kristine to be very caring and compassionate in my reading, especially when the need arose for her to advise me about a rather painful issue. I felt both nurtured and understood throughout the entire reading. I also felt very comfortable and at no disadvantage having my reading done via email. Thank you Kristine. GS NSW, Australia

  • MDS Sydney Australia

    Thank you for a fantastic email reading. I loved that you were honest, while helping me see the positive of a difficult situation. You answered my questions and provided sufficient detail. You’re an excellent reader, and I will be recommending you.

  • Stacey W – Australia

    Email Psychic Reading Testimonialpsychic reading testimonial

    Hi Kristine,

    Thank you for your reading.  It definitely connects for me and was very true to my life right now.   I am a mother of three beautiful children all under 5 years of age with the youngest being just 10 weeks old so I do currently have a very busy career being a mother but do seek my own life purpose (instead of going back to the same old secretarial work).   I will try to tune into myself and connect the dots!  I keep getting drawn to making jewellery from recycled glass but not sure if this is just a hobby, maybe other options will open from there, I guess time will tell.

    Thanks again and I hope to use your services again in the future.

    Stacey W


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