Psychic Readings: Discover Your Path To A Fulfilled Life

Psychic readings are a time trusted method to find true happiness and a clear path in life.

Welcome… Are you interested in finding your true love, or a better way to relate in your current relationship or maybe you are eager to work out some pressing life issue?

You have come to the right place for professional psychic services.

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My name is Kristine and I am ready to serve you with readings trusted by the world community since 1991.

If you are ready to face with an open heart situations that we all experience:

  • unhappy in your current relationship?
  • searching for a ‘true love’ relationship?
  • is your current relationship is good for you?
  • wondering why you are afraid to love?
  • are you asking, “where has my sexual energy gone?”
  • are you wondering, “why does my partner not understand me?”
  • moving through hard life issues?
  • feeling like you are in emotional distress?
  • feeling like your life is at a cross roads?
  • facing a stressful health issue?
  • facing hard financial issues?
  • facing a career change or issues at work?
  • experiencing abuse or victimization?
  • are you asking,”why has my relationship broken down?”
  • are you wondering,”why am I so lonely?”
  • are you experiencing confusion in daily life?
  • are you dealing with grief or loss?
  • are you wondering… “why can’t I get the break I need?”
  • are you feeling its time for spiritual growth?

If you are ready to understand why situations like these are happening in your life then that is what I am here for, to help you to gently open your heart and soul and grow easily.


Here is a video I made to explain how I serve you personally in a session…

real psychic readingsI am often booked in advance. Contact me now using the link below if you whom are serious about personal growth.

Psychic Reading Testimonials

  • Lisa – United Kingdom I’ve seen quite a few psychics for guidance at certain points in my life over the years but Kristine is by a mile one of the best. I just adore her practical, honest, spot on guidance. Anyone who may be reading this because you’re unsure whether or not to make a booking with Kristine I would say GO FOR IT. Kristine has helped me through two small crisis points in my life (I can tend to over-think things and get a little loopy in the process) and I’m so happy to have found her. Thank you, Kristine 🙂
  • LF – Victoria – Australia

    Kristine’s are accurate and I love her honesty and forthrightness. Her counselling skills are invaluable for those going through periods of change and turbulence.

  • WK – Australia – NSW The feeling I had after my session with Kristine was one of peace. I felt heard, even though I had said almost nothing. The clarity that Kristine expressed gave me a chance to bathe in the moment and look towards the next phase of my life, to know the pace was going to be set by me.Thank you Kristine, I know I will be exploring and then coming back for support and guidance. – WK – Australia – NSW
  • TB Perth WA

    I utilise various modalities to continually assess my level of effectiveness. Kristine is one such source. ‘Clarity and Insight’ this is what she provides. I have a least one reading each year. Kristine builds rapport quickly, asked clever questions to draw more out and put things ‘on the table’ in a way that you are more willing to look at and process. Kristine also appropriately shares her personal stories during the session. This I believe adds value to the stages of Awareness and Acceptance. Kristine is the real deal, is clear, straight and respectful with what she offers up.

  • JParsons – Central Indonesia Kristine is an exceptionally intuitive, gifted psychic with a unique ability to connect with the her clients’ true soul frequency. Through this connection, she is able to offer genuine and profound insights that resonate deeply as the unmistakable truth. Connecting with one’s own truth, as Kristine allows offers liberation, relief and reassurance that helps us shift, ease, accept and move beyond any persistent patterns that promote negativity or disconnectedness. It is a true gift that Kristine shares with the world. I have recommended many friends to connect with Kristine and they have since become return clients themselves. They always write back thanking me for connecting them with Kristine and relaying with enthusiasm how much they gained from their sessions with her. I have personally seen Kristine every couple of months since my first session and I find it is always a unique blessing. Kristine helps keep my ship steered on the truest course.
  • NM NSW Australia

    Kristine’s reading was very precise and insightful. She was very easy going and supportive during our session. The information provided was very clear and specific. She is very gifted and I would not hesitate to recommend her highly.

  • JHS – Byron Bay – Australia

    Thank you so much for today… I can’t even tell you how deep a shift i have felt already. Within that first ten minutes I was very uncomfortable… until i let go. And what unfolded was as authentic as it gets. You are truly incredible. To take me to such a deeply hidden place which i keep so well guarded – so quickly. With a respectful domination of sorts. To allow me to drop it. And not allow me not to. Thank you – from deep inside myself. From the part that wants to see more light. She sends you gratitude with magnitude! Much love… i’m know i’ll be in touch again – i already want to refer you to every single person I love x JHS

  • MaC – United Kingdom I feel truly grateful for having been so fortunate to meet Kristine. Her warm and beautiful smile, together with her friendly, honest and supportive nature all put me at ease from the very first session.Since the first time more than a year ago, Kristine has been for me a beacon of light in my life and what had become a very dark place full of fear and sadness, with no hope left for the future. Her gift in connecting with my past wounds and current struggles, but also my strengths, has helped me gain back some power in my life. With her encouragement, Kristine has helped me find a sense of direction and purpose to enable me continue my journey with trust and acceptance.I am truly blessed to have you in my life Kristine. Much love always.
  • Rita F – Australia:VIC A session that delivered what was advertised and more.Thank you Kristine for making me see that I need to be “real” in body and mind. Since the session, I became more focused, connected and balanced. I am lighter and no longer have the overwhelming feeling that possessed me for the last 15 years.You reminded me of my personal power and using it to conquer the battles at hand at present. I now know with this power, I will come the “little girl” within me, nurture it and make her the person she got left behind.I’m a different person now and whilst it appears to be strange as it is outside my “comfort” zone, it feels good and powerful.Thank you.Rita
  • MDS Sydney Australia

    Thank you for a fantastic email reading. I loved that you were honest, while helping me see the positive of a difficult situation. You answered my questions and provided sufficient detail. You’re an excellent reader, and I will be recommending you.

  • J Brown – Sydney Kristine came highly recommended so it was no suprise that she delivered with a such a professional and warm approach.What was a welcome suprise was the depth of her perception and ability to impart information from a very high level of consciousness.Kristine’s reading has had an incredibly profound impact on how i percieve my life choices and in fact has had a direct and positive influence on how much i m now opening to the changes afoot.I’d highly recommend her for her guidance and her directness – she truly is in flow with the path of your soul. Put your seatbelt on cos your in for the ride of your life!
  • D. Arron – USA Having seen and spoken to various psychics around the world over the last twenty years, Kristine is one of the only ones that I continue to consult with. For two reasons: her view into me and what’s happening with me has always resonated well. What she says makes sense. Moreover, it’s useful. As well her articulation, and her view of the world, is uplifting and empowering. I can take what she says, apply it to myself and feel that it’s all contributing to me better serving myself, family, community and the world. I highly recommend
  • Ross F – South Australia Kristine is a gifted person who is intuitively sensitive about the past, present and future. I have had readings before and Kristine is the person I now deal with exclusively for her awareness is extremely accurate and speaks for itself. I would recommend her to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves and who is genuinely on a quest for understanding.
  • SC – Australia:NSW I felt that Kristine was right next to me when she did my reading: she literally spot on! She saw every single detail that I already knew and described with an absolute precision the whole situation where I was standing for. It is not my usual thing to ask for help and certainly not to solicit a clairvoyant but my gut feeling push me to do it and I don’t regret a second: She is incredible and I feel grateful to have Kristine in my path during my challenging journey .
  • Tania Gold Coast QLD Australia I have had numerous readings with Kristine over a period of ten years. I reach out to Kristine at times when life is becoming stressful and I am emotionally not able to cope. I have found that when I sit through a session my mind and body becomes calmer and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can only explain it like a penny drops. It happens on a level that is hard for me to put words to – but I just get it. The last session I had with Kristine I was close to losing my life as I had endure extreme stress with losing a friend of 30yrs in traumatic circumstances and a new relationship ending all in the matter of a couple of days. I was already completely exhausted and worn down physically with adrenal exhaustion. I was depressed and overwhelmed by my circumstances. This really was my lowest point. Kristine spent a long time with me making sure I understood what she was saying. It was hard as I really was not in a good space and didn’t want to hear what she was saying. I felt angry at life and everyone Kristine included. She managed to do her magic once again and after the session I felt different as I have often experience after a session with her. So much so that I decided to go onto utube and watch laughing babies for an hour or more. Then I made an effort to watch more positive thinking and comedy utube clips for the rest of the night. Finally after a 4 month period I was starting to see the lightness in life and others again. I can happily report that I am now improving in my health and my emotions are much healthier as I have found acceptance and peace from all that has happened. I listen to Kristines session 3 times afterwards and every time it helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. Kristine has become a part of my life over the years – she is my life coach and confidant. Her guidance is always just what I need to hear at the time. I have recommended many friends to her and will continue to do so. She is direct and clear in her communication. She also has a caring approach and is compassionate to my situations every time I have reached out to her. Thankyou once again for being in my life Kristine. Many sweet blessing to you.Tania Gold Coast QLD Australia
  • ER – Sydney I came to Kristine for guidance around a number of areas of my life, after she was highly recommended to me by a good friend. Being a psychologist I have been trying a number of different ways to move forward – some of which have been helpful, some which have not. As a psychic Kristine provided a very unique healing experience as she had highly accurate insights into my behaviour and emotional patterns, and provided practical ways in which I could work on these things and move forward. I found Kristine to be a very empathetic and nurturing person – she is highly intuitive and delivers her wisdom in a way that is both kind and direct. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and is open to different ways of healing.
  • Annie S, Armidale NSW My reading with Kristine was invaluable! It felt as though she got right inside me. Kristine identified and brought me to a much deeper understanding and clarity around my current issues, fears and doubts. She then gave me clear guidance as to how i can move through this into a place of much more possibility and opportunity. I greatly appreciated her grounded, practical and empathic approach and her depth of wisdom. I will be back for more! I am so very grateful to you Kristine, that reading was truly life changing. Annie S, Armidale NSW
  • M McAuley Kristine is the most inspiring person I have ever had a reading from.  As sometimes happens, my ‘state of flux’ on some issues got sorted once I had asked for help. So that’s all cool, but just love what she has to say anyway!
  • John Hale – Teacher of Sacred Sexuality – Byron Bay Kristine is a gift. I have never met a more talented, available and caring intuitive practitioner. Kristine came to me highly recommended and I have no hesitation in reaffirming the same. She is a world leader in light work and healing.
  • Cate – Geneva Switzerland

    Thank you so much for the reading last week. I was truly blown away by how much you tapped into the ‘real’ me. Everything you said resonated with me on a very deep level and I have been feeling calmer and more settled since. While I feel I have been beginning to open myself up to many of the things you talked about, you really confirmed my true direction. I now feel much more in tune with what’s going on inside me, much of which I have tended to resist in the past on account of external pressures. So, a huge thank you!
    I’m loving the Awakening to the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation too!
    Have a lovely week.

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