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Hi Kristine,
Such a heartfelt thank you to you for your reading yesterday. I’m so, soooo grateful for your gift and that your are able and willing to use it for the healing of others, and how blessed that I ‘stumbled’ upon you just at a time when I was searching for support and guidance in a form I knew would be rare, but not impossible.

Thank you with all my heart and soul.
I really look forward to listening to the recording again at least once more to let the key messages ‘stick’ to me a little more.
One thing that’s really stuck with me is that you picked up on and articulated the part of me that feels/has felt/sometimes feels so reluctant to be ‘earth-bound’; even with what’s so beautiful in a human experience, that part that feels so fatigued and weighted and challenged and even a little ‘moody’ about ‘being here’. Even with the wonderful and very high quality spiritual support I have in my life currently, it’s still something I’ve never been able to express (I don’t like to create any waves but even if I didn’t have such a resistance to that – how would one even describe that to another human being??!!) and hearing you pick up on and express it so clearly and effortlessly felt like a major relief that I’m not a lunatic, and also seen, which is usually all that any anxious part seems to need in order to release it’s grip, or begin to in a significant way. I feel the release of the anxiety around that part already, and will continue to work with it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Grateful, grateful, super grateful.

Many blessings to you!


Psychic Reading Testimonial – SP Vic – Australia

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