Mel Brazier – Australia:QLD

I have used Kristine a few times over the past five years and each time her insightfulness and detailed description of what is happening in my life at that particular time is astounding. Her past readings have resulted in very accurate events taking place and part of my latest reading is already starting to come to fruition. Kristine suggests the tools you need to use in order to move forward with clarity whilst also reiterating the importance of listening to your body’s messages and allowing yourself room to rejuvenate and reconnect during important life phase transitions. Kristine’s readings are a true confirmation of what is happening and what you are feeling and this instils you with a sense of certainty and faith that you are heading in the right direction. Kristine has a beautiful way of connecting and tuning in and delivers her insight in a way that is honest, compassionate and without judgement. I would highly recommend Kristine to anyone looking for guidance and/or understanding on their life journey. I know I will continue to come back during mine. Much love… x

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