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kellie_lin_psychic_reading_testimonialKristine has a knack for purposeful conversation and deliberately chosen affirmation. That said, she’s not afraid to shine a light on on area that needs work or attention, and is ever truthful. It can be tough at times to move through and release old patterns or behaviors, but I always feel that I’m in good hands and in an environment of psychological safety and healing. Kristine offers firm and loving reminders to my gifts, challenges and greater purpose, and also shares what she sees and intuits as working well in my life, so I can harness these things for greater opening. My greatest take-away so far has been deeper understanding around what love is for me, personally, and how I can love the people I have now in my life, and the ones to come, with my full heart and soul (and no shame or guilt). Amazing! I hold her in high regard and will always recommend her as not only a very natural and gifted intuitive being, but as a strong and practical Coach able to hold client’s agenda and need at the forefront while offering animated, colorful and refreshingly honest support. Wonderful!

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