HannahM. – NSW Australia

Thank you Kristine, I am very happy to provide a psychic reading testimonial.

I was unsure of what to expect in my first reading with Kristine. Overall I was hoping for some direction and some clarification about my life and the decisions I was being faced with. Kristine was incredibly articulate in communicating some of the core reasons that were impacting on some of my concerns. She identified the underlying patterns that were contributing to some of my behaviors – they were specific to me and resonated completely. Kristine was able to tap into issues that I have not really even had the space to think about myself. The reading is done in safe and supportive manner and Kristine not only talked about the “what” but also the “how”. So often people can identify problems and concerns but have no idea about how to start addressing them. Kristine gave me practical advice on how to confront some of my fears and worries. I would certainly talk to Kristine again and have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone who is feeling like they need some direction or are looking for insight into their lives.

Thanks again Kristine.

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