Coco Reynolds – Ireland

I first went to see Kristine about 8 years ago, I was actually booked to see someone else but it did not feel right so I canceled & put it out there that I wanted someone really good,My phone rang & it was a friend that had an appointment with Kristine (the same time I was meant to have my other appointment) but could not make it, I went to see her and she was a tremendous help to me and I listened to her recording of her session many time & it helped me through a difficult break up with the father of my child & move back to Ireland.I have since been to see her many times and had numerous phone sessions from Ireland.I have recommended her to lots of my Family and friends and they have all found her to be excellent.I have also had heavenly Lomi Lomi Massages from her and they truly are bliss,I have never come across anything like it.On one of my visits to Australia,My Aunt accompanied me and we both went to have massages from Kristine, My Aunt commented that it was worth coming all the way to Australia just for a treatment with Kristine.I would highly recommend her to anybody thinking of having a session with her.

all the best
Coco Reynolds

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