Special Announcement – You Never Know What Is Around The Corner!

I have now opened my own beautiful private studio in the heart of Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales.

kristine psychic studio mullumbimby

This studio will be open to support all those on their journey towards profound healing, the discovery of truth and connection to a greater awareness of authentic love.

Intuitive sessions are now being offered in person for profound insight and growth. I will also be teaching specialized Kundalini Yoga classes for healing and developing greater awareness.

My focus will be support with healing trauma and post traumatic stress.

This will include specialized Trauma Release Exercise classes and soon I will begin offering Somatic Experiencing therapy.

If you are ready to immerse yourself more fully into your experience of deep healing, change and personal evolution you can now find the support you require on many levels by coming in person to my new private studio.

I will still offer sessions over Skype however if you’d prefer an in person session then you now have this option available.

Appointments are available upon request.

In the coming weeks expect more information about yoga classes, trauma therapy and transformational workshops which I am developing now.

It is my honor and deep privilege to be able to serve you on your journey.

In Gratitude
Kristine x

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