Personal Life Mentoring

Please note: Personal life mentoring sessions are exclusively available only to existing clients and are not a psychic reading session, it is an opportunity for you to air your life issues as they are arising in the moment with ongoing support for change…

If you require ongoing support for personal change then you have come to the right page.personal life mentoring with kristine

One on one personal mentoring sessions allow you to talk about the issues that are arising in your immediate life process

A personal life mentoring session is a dialogue space for guidance in your life journey

Go one step beyond regular counseling into a more holistic intuitive view of your life

Personal Life Mentoring:

  • Allows you to look at all areas of your life in a more comprehensive way.
  • Encourages you so you can evolve to your maximum potential
  • Helps you to bring your issues to the table and get wisdom, empathy and expertise that will enable you to see other levels to help you grow.

As issues arise you get a chance to look into them more deeply with empathy in order to see what is really happening and change your life.

45 minute session either weekly, fortnightly or monthly according to your need

* The only time limit between sessions is a maximum of 1 month to gain the most benefit from your sessions

Audio recorded for later download and review

Personal mentoring sessions are available either singly or multiples for reduced pricing.

Choose the amount you would like below and click to make pre-payment.



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