You Can Release Fear And Anxiety…

Many of us today whether we realise it or not, are actually
quite stuck in strong patterns of fear which bring about anxiety.

Fear can become so strong that we suffer intensely and can no
longer sustain relationships, our body, emotions, state of mind
or an overall healthy relationship to life.

Fear is something we all need to become particularly clear on

if we truly want to transform our lives and move beyond
fear into happiness.

When you stop holding and release the energy of fear in your
body you will open to finally receiving all that energy that
was once blocked.

This will transform into a feeling and sense of being incredibly
alive and vibrant, happy.

When you are flowing, it can be acutely felt and distinctly realised
as it feels very different to holding fear.

Eckhart Tolle, a beautifully simple and very clear soul talks clearly
about being with fear and anxiety in this 17 minute you tube video.

If you are ready to expand through fear this video gives very clear
guidance on how to do it.

It is the essence of working consciously with your fear.




We all desire happiness. However the reality of bringing that into
your life is up to you. It is all a matter of letting go of resistance.

“True sacrifice is to sacrifice resisting what is, and embrace the moment with love and wisdom.” ~ Adyashanti

Remember, Love and Happiness are always available as long as you are…


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