You Are More Beautiful Than You Think You Are

If you were to describe yourself to someone else whom didn’t know you, could you do so without judgement?you are more beautiful than you think you are

In today’s body image obsessed world, we have been conditioned to be incredibly harsh towards our body and entirely critical of our self image.

Today I have a very short but powerfully inspiring video that reminds us of our true beauty that we often neglect to see in ourselves.

You will see that others are no where near as critical of ourselves as we are.

It really is time for us all to wake up out of this unhealthy behaviour of being really hard on ourselves.

Try instead to take the time to really open your heart and see the true beauty that is already here as you.

Imagine loving yourself back to wholeness and self empowerment so you are truly happy and connected to the core of your being.

It is up to you to let go of what you think, and just start loving yourself, pure and simple.

No more resistance to self is required.

No more holding back, just start giving to yourself.

Allowing others to love you as you are too.

You are more beautiful than you have been told to think you are.

Being beautiful is about embracing your beauty not rejecting it, and it is much more than what is on the surface.

May you remember who you are and feel this radiance of your pure being by fully embracing yourself right now in self love.


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