Workers Of The World… Relax!

This provoking short video is for all people of you that are starting to see
through the reality called “work” sensing that there really is
more to life than what we have been told to believe.

Warning, if you watch this and are disturbed then you may not be ready for this process right now, as many of us are deeply conditioned to believe in work as a necessary component to life.

If you are not ready to let that go this will definitely not make you feel comfortable.

If you are really ready to see beyond and into the possibility of a whole other existence, which was truly meant for us all then this will be incredibly insightful and inspiring for you.

Yes, we can choose to live… living is not just working. Life is for living.

May this be a support to your remembering of deeper truths.

I woke up to this very early in life and took my life back and no longer put it in the hands of others.

I felt so relieved and finally free.

I could never go back to the old way of life, as once one gets a taste of true freedom you can never become a slave again.

This is a call to freedom, liberation and most of all joy.

Enjoy your life! Truly it is yours to live.

Especially if we all wake up together, we can then begin to play together.

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