Why Do We Struggle In Life So Much?

Why do we struggle so much on this planet? Why are we in such a mess?

Whilst many of us today are really trying to create better lives for ourselves, we are often totally disconnected from seeing the bigger picture based on humanity as a whole.

Now more than ever we need to be able to see and understand what our reality is really about, as a human being on planet earth.

What are we engaging in as our reality? Who are we giving our power to? Who is manipulating us to believe things are a certain way?

When we do nothing but focus on our own personal goals, we can lose touch with what is really going on in the first place. Where the real challenges truly lay. Where the real issues stem from.

There is a very urgent and deep need for humanity to awaken to its true power. For there is much more going on, at a bigger picture level our society is set up to control us rather than support us. If we can come to see what we are working with, then we can navigate the control with awareness and stay detached from what may play out in the future as others try harder and harder to force us into complying with their ideas as to how we must live our life.

I am sure that none of us wants our freedom taken away from us, however it is happening, more than you know and it is vital we do not let this happen.

When we can understand the whole, then we can apply that knowledge back into our daily lives and see where we can really make a difference.

David Icke shares a powerfully insightful video on the human journey and our need to awaken. It is must watch for all of those who are really ready to go to another level, because we understand that where we are now does not serve humanity as a whole. It is up to us to change, in order for our reality as a whole to change.

We must not sit by and be compliant, we must listen to our truth and make appropriate choices within that so we stay aligned to hearts and not give our power away to those who care only for more power and more control.

If we keep giving our energy and complying with laws that do not serve us how can we arrive at a happy, healthy and whole outcome.

It is time to serve our true purpose and align to our hearts and soul and create a reality based on love rather than fear and control.

We must stay awake to navigate what is to come.

Here is the video which powerfully presents compelling real truths for your viewing below:



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