What if we never held on to… anything?


Imagine you never worried about tomorrow, money, loss, kids, a man, a women, sex

Imagine you never felt fear, lack, pain

Imagine you never ever needed to judge, you knew nothing about it in fact

Imagine you felt that free, that connected that powerful that abundant, that never once did you ever doubt

Imagine in never doubting you followed your first intutive impulse implicitly knowing it was there only ever bringing you to your highest potential, innately you just knew that, that life was with you no matter what

Imagine in that trust, safety, abundance, security, love, limitlessness that you know you could do anything you wanted, anything…

Imagine you knew doing whatever you wanted was easy, natural, your destiny your purpose so you just let it all flow

Imagine your flow was so known to you, that you were just one with, there was never any separation, never duality, just being with, all that is

Imagine you have just met yourself right now, as this immense being of totally empowerment and unconditional love

Imagine right now you know who you are, where to go, who to be with, and most of all when to let go

Imagine you never hold to anything past its truth

Imagine in this trust you flow and flow and flow and keeps changing

Imagine you love this change, you thrive on it, and life is so diverse, rich, abundant, for the living

Imagine in the letting go it just kept getting better and better until you couldn’t even imagine how it could get better but it does, over and over again, just keep expanding infinitely

Imagine being infinite and widely enriched by the diversity of this creative life force

Imagine your only purpose is to LIVE. Fully, unconditionally, truthfully, intuitively, and never never ever hold on.

Imagine you are FREE, to be.

Are ready to imagine and make your true dreams comes true… well all you have to do is to let go of everything you have ever known and live in the present moment with complete innocence never remembering anything from your past and never trying to get to the future.

You are just here now, completely, wholly and without concepts or judgements, you are all with life.

Let go, and Let God. Let it all be just as it is. Be, be, be with now.

In the now you find your true salvation……..so exquisite the ecstacy of being in total love and union with life itself.

the Biggest Orgasm of your life comes from witihin then you burst it into life.

Let go and Burst with Life.

Kristine x

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