What Do You Think You Know But Actually Don’t?

Your mind is incredibly powerful.

Often a simple change in thinking will literally change your life completely.

Being open to the potential of your authentic being allows for change, rather than being stuck in the “conditioned” mind and living in a loop of repetitive thinking, devoid of any real conscious awareness.

For many of us, life and how we experience it or interpret it is filtered by our mind and current personal belief systems.

Whatever we believe to be true, is truly only relevant for you in the moment, and at any moment when you are willing to let go of it, your perception will literally shift again. This is growth. The birth of a new reality or new way of perceiving.

However, letting go of your beliefs is not that easy particularly when you are unconscious to them and operating automatically without even questioning why you do what you do or even think what you think.

Often you might find that you are holding onto very restrictive and often harmful behaviours causing endless suffering and anxiety simply because you have not yet seen beyond it. In this case ignorance is not bliss.

For some of us, going beyond the normal realm of our thoughts is even scary and we would prefer to stay with the safe and the predictable. Literally staying with one perception and not allowing any further expansion upon it, by rejecting any new information as not relevant. Eventually stagnation is the end result and you feel either numb, or lifeless inside as you not truly alive and attuned fully in this moment. Present.

Seeing beyond your normal perception is possible, but eventually gets to a point where you realise this only happens when you are willing to “not know” and just be with life as it is without your story or identity of “me” or “I” getting in the way.

Adyashanti says it best in this short 10 minute video. The simplicity of seeing what really is. Reducing the complicated myth of enlightenment inclusive of our humanity and helping us to see through our conditioned minds with more clarity.

It is that simple… if you allow it to be.


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