Touching Your Soul In Unexpected Ways – Kumare

This is one documentary with a twist that will touch you to your soul if you view with an open heart and look deeper for true meaning of what he was trying to help people see, where we often are too quick to assume and take on what our minds want to believe.

kumare movie poster

Remember to always look for yourself, why is it necessary to put another before you, especially someone who we perceive to be more spiritual than ourselves. This is in essence the whole paradox, for you are no more or less than anyone, even if he or she seems to have some awareness different to you own, does not mean you are lacking that within.

Everything is just a matter of perception.

Once you open to accessing that for yourself inside you will see there is absolutely no difference between we call a “guru” and lay person alike.

Here is the trailer for it below.


I watched this one on Netflix however it looks like you can access the full documentary online here (I just tried this link on a windows pc and it worked well)


Please share your comments on this documentary below… it touched me and I am sure it touched you too!

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