There is no such thing as wrong…

One of our most favourite unhealthy habits is worry about making the wrong decision…

We constantly wrestle within ourselves believing that we can’t make a decision until we know its right… well what if you don’t know what is right or wrong, particularly if you haven’t had enough life experience to really get a handle on the situation. Then what?

Typically we will listen to the inner dialogue in the mind, mostly full of negative thoughts, the fear bubbling up in the form of lack of confidence, the need for control, the need to either escape and walk away as a way to avoid the situation, or in reverse the need to project our fears onto others then seeing them as the problem and reinforcing why we are right, or wrong…. depending on your sense of self.

Imagine there is no right or wrong… just you being you, to the best of your ability. Imagine that when you allow your fears and not react, just patiently watching what is arising, be honest as to how much you reference your future based on your past. Then we mostly just assume that more of the same will happen, or we just go into a paralysis of making a decision, just sitting in the inertia of fear.

We seem to think we must know all the answers in advance.

School never prepared us for the true reality of life. Often we are at crossroads with no real idea what to do. If we can allow that space…… really allow that not knowing, not being afraid to look within, having the awareness to detach from the routine mind, then underneath you will often discover the true feeling of what it is you would like like to do……it all requires self honesty.

Decisions in life need to come from a place of real sensitivity, the courage to look at what we really want, not what we were told to do, or what we think we should do.

Don’t be afraid to really look inside of yourself and admit what the heart is yearning for. When we are discontented it is usually a sign of deeper needs trying to be met. We can look within this unrest for the true signs of which way to go.

Ask yourself honest questions… What do I really feel in my heart to do? If I didn’t continue to do what I am doing now, what is it I really want to do? Have the courage to look into the light of your truth and see what it is you truly crave for.

It’s true it takes courage to follow your truth, but really if we don’t follow our hearts then we end up frustrated, unhappy, sad, or depressed… the list goes on.

There is no wrong…. there is only you, being either an edited version of you, or the real authentic you. When we release ourselves from obligation then we are inevitably set free, to flow, to fly, to feel and ultimately be alive. That is the juice of life… when are just being yourself without the pressure to conform then you will find the joy within that acceptance of one’s true self.

The truth sets us all free. Imagine there is no wrong, only you being you, and in that you will always do your best to be you. So how can you fear being wrong…… we can only ever be who we are in each moment, the more you be you, the more you open into the fullness of your being. The “wrong” falls away into being, the mind learns to soften and let go and be with the flow.

Then comes the excitement of living… with an awareness rather than regret.

At times life is very challenging, indeed! If we are in inertia, then getting the support we need to look into ourselves can help you move beyond your fear. As humans we have an inbuilt mechanism to protect ourselves, however if we are open to taking a deep look, you will only ever discover more of the real you.

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