There Is Meaning In All That We Do… Even When We Don’t Know It

Sometimes life can get a little confusing… we can get lost and sometimes not understand the meaning of it all and why we do what we do.

Don’t be too concerned. There is meaning in everything that we do, even when it is not the “socially accepted” version of a good life.

If you dare to follow your heart and let go to enter a life that looks totally beyond the norm may come to realise the depth of their soul and true life purpose.

This movie is a must watch for all, especially those who have struggled with their life path or really need more encouragement to really live their truth and let go and “feel” where it is their life wants to really authentically go.

Jeff Who Lives At Home

Another uplifting and inspirational film. Nice to know they are out there still.

Here is my favourite quote from the film.

Let me set the scene. Jeff has had a curious day following life omens that he felt were important. He has been in a cab stuck on a bridge in traffic with his brother who is going through a life and relationship crisis. His brother has just left the vehicle to run ahead after his estranged wife who he is realizing he has been alienating with his selfish behaviour thinking she may be in the traffic jam as well . Jeff is asked by the cab driver :

“You all right?”

Jeff replies with a bewildered look on his face, “Yeah… I guess…”

“you ever feel like your waiting forever to figure out what your destiny is and when you do it’s not really that exciting?”

I won’t write anything to spoil your experience of that outcome although let’s say it’s a beautiful conclusion.

Here is the preview trailer :

Enjoy warming your soul with this one.


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