The Path To Love…


The Path to Love Process I have just attended has been the biggest and most profound journey of my life so far, I am still deeply integrating and continue to transform, I even feel it at a cellular level, my whole existence has shifted completely.

Many of us long to be seen, to be heard, to express the depths of our real humanity, inclusive of our pain, shame, fear, to truly allow all of who you are, we were born with this longing, we yearn to experience “connection”. However one must really allow one’s self to come out fully into the world just as we are, in order to find true connection with another, for if we hide in ourselves, then we cannot truly be met by another.

As I allowed myself to be seen, to be heard, to be truly and authentically exposed, naked, vulnerable in all of who I am, my true essence began to shine through, we all have at a core an essence, that is still a unique expression of our humanity but from our Source. Not habitual behaviours and patterns. This essence, this connection to self, allows me now to feel so vibrantly connected to all, not only do I truly feel myself, in feeling myself I can honestly feel another.

Thank you Path to Love for setting me free. Alima and Samved I offer my deepest heartfelt gratitude for all that you give and do. I am here now, I feel the love, I am the love, it is all love, and my essence truly is mercy and compassion. I am a living prayer, thank you for giving me the courage to see who I really am.

For those hearing the call….. check out the link to Path to Love, life changing I promise you…

All my love….vibrantly, passionately, in full aliveness… ecstatic bhakti rapture… and blessings.


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