The Law of Attraction Delusion – with JP Sears


To be honest after over two decades of really diving deep into life and opening to receive authentic guidance I have come to realise that the Law of Attraction and how we as human beings apply it is fundamentally flawed.

Yes, some of us rely heavily on this concept, that I can manifest what “I” want, however where is this impulse really coming from?  Also, how much have you tried to use this Law of Attraction only to be no closer to even getting what you want… why is that?

I have an excellent video for you today, also humorous but at its core covers the real deep issue of seeing the “wanting” for what it truly is.

For those that have been trying hard to manifest in their life this may not be what you want to hear but perhaps what you need to hear.  The possibility here is to lose control and surrender to much a deeper awareness of what life is already providing is exactly what you need.

Are we able to really trust that, and let it be?

The invitation is to open to the Soul.



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