The Best 5 Minute Stress Buster Ever!

The Best 5 Minute Stress Buster Ever!We all get stressed, particularly living in our modern culture, where there is literally just so much to do.

Did you know that you can reduce your stress effectively in just 5 minutes?

Today I share a very short video of my personal favourite stress relief technique, left nostril breathing.

It is fast, powerful and can fit into your busy schedule whenever you need relief.

It can be done just sitting in chair, whether it be at the office, in the car when parked if you are waiting for the kids etc, or anywhere outdoors.

Basically where ever you can give yourself 5 minutes of just sitting.

I use this practice regularly, I love it and rely on it in my times of need, as I know it works.

Try it for yourself.  The results speak for themselves.

You will find more ease, space and calmness, and most of all a greater sense
of connection to your body and being.


Stress relief allows you to feel good again.

Learn how to consciously shift that uncomfortable tight feeling that comes with being in stress, and overwhelmed.

Left nostril breathing, a powerful yet simple technique that will just keep on giving and giving whenever you need it.

It times of chronic stress you can left nostril breathe for as long as you need to allow you system to calm down, so don’t limit yourself to five minutes if you have more time and you really benefit from the process.

Relax and go as deep as you wish with this process.

May it serve you faithfully as it has done so with me.


Kristine x

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