Sometimes I Feel Lost, Confused & Don’t Know Which Way To Turn…

Do you sometimes feel a sense of being lost or confused and sometimes unsure which way to turn?

This happens to all of us and is basically a fundamental experience to just being a human being in life.

Particularly with life going so fast, being so demanding with so much pressure placed upon us just to keep up. What do you do?

Life is all about taking the next step as if we cannot remain standing still forever, although sometimes that is what is exactly required.

However the next step on the journey of life the movement of life will inevitably come.

In order to know the next step, one must learn to LISTEN. Yes, Listen.

Contrary to what we have been taught in school and those around us which is to keep thinking, keep doing, then the answer will come.

The fact of that method is that we end up just exhausted and even more lost and confused.

Really try this as an alternative. At the end of day when all is quiet or early in the morning, or just where you can literally get some space for yourself, someplace quiet do this: Sit down and just allow yourself to soften into yourself.

Follow and listen to your breath naturally in and out, put your hands over heart, then allow yourself to sincerely to just let go of the outside world for just a moment and come to the INSIDE of yourself. Allow yourself to sensitize to and feel into that.

Just imagine that inside of you if you listen for the next step, the sense, the intuition the guidance you need is right there.

Just pose the simple question either verbally or in your mind,  “What is my next step?” and just allow whatever comes.

Do not let the mind push it away. Just be with whatever comes. Let it in. Ask, “What is my heart needing in this moment?”

Practice this over and over again. In little time the awareness and sense of the flow will get clearer and clearer.

The heart is where all of your true answers really come from.

Tune into your heart everyday, and over time you begin to feel more connected and the your sensitivity will increase in such ways that you will find that great clarity will come.

Try it, come inside and learn to listen. Your heart is totally available to guide when you are willing to LISTEN.

Sat Nam.

Blessings Everyone.

It is my honor to be able to serve you.


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