Balance, the essential element to a harmonious life.

Upon reflecting today I have been touched by my experiences yet again of being human.balance the essential element to a harmonious life

I often forget that my humanity is inclusive of all my thoughts, my heart, my body, my soul, and just how sensitive and yet highly sophisticated organism called “me” operates.

Am I aware of “who” is operating and what I am actually living in the moment?

They say to be awake is awake. I often think I am awake but I realise it is so easy just to “think” it, yet our bodies and lives will reflect very clearly if we are truly in balance.

Balance arises like guidance from a wise elder, who reminded me that when one is truly awake we live in balance, the middle point where there is no push or pull.

In stillness where no stress can arise from as we are in essence in alignment with life, no thought, no wondering, no doubt, no fear, no pain, no confusion and the list goes on.

Essentially if there is the absence of tension then we are at peace, this is the true HAPPINESS, the JOY that we are seeking and craving whether we know it consciously or not.

It is an unconditional conscious YES to Life however it is unfolding in every moment.

How often do you YEARN, to BE more, in an abstract way?

We are mostly all feeling unfulfilled, and discontent on some level. Like we are not whole.

Which is why we seek, whether it be for money, sex, relationships, information, power, approval or even the spiritual desire to know God. We are still searching.

Yet why do we not REALISE IT? When does the searching STOP?

When do we experience JUST HAPPINESS with no push no pull? The JOY of NO- THING.

Examining your life is living like we are under a microscope allowing our selves to just step back and “see” what we are actually really doing inside and outside, what we are resisting and what are we supporting in our life.

Most of us do not even realise that we can actually step back and “just see” or as many spiritual masters say to be “aware”.

We are busy, we live in an almost insane world that is moving almost violently all of the time, the noise, the pressure of work, finances, family and all the while looking to others outside of ourselves to see what else we must do next before we are approved of, loved, safe, secure or in control or all of this statement.


From what place do we actually live from within ourselves?

We are all essentially unlimited potential and at any moment we can just change like a compass (ourself), our current state of being and our reality.

Depending on each moment what we “see” and “experience” will determine where the compass dial goes and what frequency we “accept” into our lives.

We are determining each moment with our awareness, whether individually, family, community, government, finances, relationships, country, world, earthly, planetary, galactic or Universal level.

At what level are we tuning into, within ourselves and also what are we tuning into and allowing in from the outside?

Being human is an experience, we are living organically and growing within these influences constantly.

How the tiny little seed grows is determined by the soil we till and how much attention we pay by nurturing our growth from our hearts, rather than our minds which is in constant judgement anyway.

We have been taught to see the world through good and bad eyes. Rather than just ONE eye.


The heart is always inclusive of everything, nothing is excluded. 

All is welcome to become one with the whole universe as some may say, which really intends no duality.

HOLINESS, the peace, “passeth all understanding”.

If it is one thing we must ask ourselves in life is “what really is it to LIVE”.

It seems most of us at some point have a deep confusion on how to “be” in this world as OURSELVES.

We are told what to do from such an early age, we fit in, we conform, we bend ourselves to fit another as we are told to do or we then realise that in not conforming the outcome was punishment. The birth of our FEAR/PAIN.

Then once that programme is formed in that moment the small child realising that in being ourself the consequence will be PAIN then turns into FEAR that there is more coming, and the stress of having to hold back our truth/ self as we push tirelessly towards someone else’s reality that means nothing to our heart whatsoever.

From that point we are no longer living in joy, the pure truth of our self.

Like a delicate and innocent mist the delicious space we lived in as children, if we were lucky enough, and lucky enough to then even remember, JOY evaporates in a second and we fall metaphorically from the “garden of Eden” into “Hell”.

Our torment of selling out is first conscious until we become numb. Then when we can no longer even recognise we have gone so numb we just fly on automatic pilot and no longer even realise how we are truly living our life.

Normal is not normal, normal is dysfunctional as it is the control that others have imposed upon us which they told us was “good”. The freedom we sought was really judged as “bad”.

Ever noticed the really alive small children? Most people can’t handle that much energy so it must be controlled and called “bad”. More like enforced numbness, they are really saying can you please shut down and shut up as you are disturbing me as I can’t handle being that ALIVE.


There are rules to life and you must conform. How dare you say you want to be FREE?

Most have never known freedom and then we look to them to grant it to us.

This is not possible as our lineage is one of bondage.

Now we must stand back and “see” for ourself there is new way, an opportunity to consciously “see” other paths available to us which will be alignment with our truth.

Returning us home to the Source, the core of our being which is even beyond JOY.

To experience such joy is such a gift and humanity is able to right now set themselves free.

This is time of an emerging shift in consciousness across the whole of Humanity.

If you are even reading this now means you are hearing the call. The call to come home to the truth. FREEDOM.

So coming back to childhood, we continue our journey first with probably quite a lot resentment, which we must hide as kids as Mum and Dad are the only ones who really can keep us alive.

The old survival mode being our first agenda, food, clothes, water.

We have no power, no choice but to fit in. We are vulnerable, which is such a gift, however mostly misunderstood by our generations and even now. This openness, the acceptance of what is and especially with myself, being free, was never respected by our forefathers and mothers.

We were always enslaved and still we are operating with the “old programming” that this is how it is done here on planet earth, this is what we do, so let’s never change that FEAR based conditioning. This is all we know so let’s just keep on doing it. We have never really been aware.


We don’t know we can actually shift our reality until we are just WILLING TO SEE.
See with our own self.

This includes all the senses we were given, thoughts, feelings, physical, spiritual/intuitive. Really see what it feels to inhabit our space suit, the body we call “me”, and be HUMAN.

If we are willing to be present and just really experience our reality as it JUST IS, we are going to receive a lot of very biodynamic data.

Our bodies are actually more just like a huge feedback device all the time as to how to actually BE IN LIFE.

Imagine this guidance was just so accurate that if we just LISTENED to it, that our lives will become PURE JOY with no effort at all.

This most intelligent guidance is available to us in each moment, however all we must do is be AVAILABLE TO LET IT IN.

Where is your compass dial tuned too? What frequency are you picking up? What are you really believing in? What do you call your life?

Thinking that you are dense physical matter only and not realising that you are that alive.

You are vibrating all the time, the cells, the body, electromagnetic fields, brain neurons firing.

So much is moving at any one point that we are just nothing but VIBRANT ALIVENESS. Determined by how you steer your ship by listening with your body, is what you create in you vibrantly alive field.

Arrogance has been programmed into us all is that we are in control. We think we know what is best, as the first place we were trained to assess this incoming data was from the Mind.

The small persona we call “me” who has been atrociously programmed with nothing but FEAR.

Then we somehow expect to get success and find joy. You have worked so hard to get everything right in your life and do what was told is good so why aren’t you really happy yet?

If you really are truly honest and feel any sense of doubt of what you call your experience of happiness then you are awake enough to start to go within and really be honest with yourself.


This is the call of existence waking you up and saying who am I? …

WHAT AM I? WHAT IS LIFE? …and finding out for yourself, what your real self is when unrestrained and allowed to live totally FREE.

The courage to LIVE your truth, even if it is just an experiment and you don’t even know, as really we can’t know, we can only experiment with opening to life. This is being ALIVE, a fluid reality, alive, wholly in this moment, constantly changing and evolving, free to move as inspired to, not what we told to do, thoughts are tainted now by our judgements.

To break free of the chains of bondage of the life we have been programmed to live and truly allow EXISTENCE TO LIVE US, we see a miraculous shift in we what experience as LIFE.

When we feel we are lacking we are not tuned into our centre. The centre is balance. There is no push or pull. We do not even ask if this is good or bad or even the question, “Am I happy?”. As we ARE JUST HAPPY.

Being is not an understanding. It is.

There is no one left to ask to question as we are now in complete accord with existence. What is left to question when there is no fear, no pain as we no longer hold back attempting to be something we are not?

When we become just as we ARE then there is no dischord, no split.

We experience wholeness, even when there is suffering the suffering is whole and total, no split, just is and there is no question around it, no push no pull.

There is no judgement as the Mind is no longer operating on its own and the whole is what remains.

We are guided by our intelligent bio-organic operating systems that know how to LIFE already, it is a no brainer.

Life lives, it does not hold back. Our imaginary fear and pain holds us back. When we step back and see deeper into ourselves we go through the fear and pain straight back to the Source. No thing.

When we let go of our ideas of life and just let life show us the way, really experiencing all of our humanity within and without wholly and totally without resistance then we open to seeing that we are living within a cosmos that is geared to be totally FREE.

The only purpose is our happiness or just whole, ONE. However, we forgot this and then we went in to believing based on others delusions and misguided ideas in “sin”. That there is a God who judges us as good or bad.

If that were not there and we feel inspired and supported enough to let go, allowing all that is our life we can actually see that all the sign posts are there. Like learning to balance on a tightrope, we listen. Feeling our way to the mid point. Learning to feel our emotions as they arise. The body when it wants to eat, sleep, move, rest.

Being fearless enough to really love which is essentially just OPENNESS. Not attaching and identifying with every thought as “me” which they are not, they are just what to choose to accept as you in that moment, your story of you.

Being fully ourselves and nothing but open, no hiding, no tension, no wanting, no contraction.

Even when we do contract in anyway we just accept our contractions, this is still openness.

Acceptance is openness. There is no violence, no pushing away, no protecting, no fear or pain in opening, in fact it is the absence of tension, is it just a PURE YES TO LIFE UNCONDITIONALLY.

Our minds no longer picking everything to pieces as it was trained to do in school. Leaving a trail of death behind as there is no life left in our thoughts. They are no longer connected to our hearts.

Not to mention feeling our intuitive messages, our innate inner knowing our soul. Which is so connected to the WHOLE it is like being given the answers to all exams before you go in.

There is no holding back, life just WANTS YOU TO GET IT ALL THE TIME.

Sadly we believe in the conspiracy of lack. That life is holding out on us. When in truth it is our small “me” that has solely decided what life is.

Try this for yourself one day. Forget all your ideas of life. Just be here, now. Just live nakedly as innocently as possible. Allow judgement but do not buy into it.

Live Now, Not What Your Idea Of Now Is!

You are NOT your story! Who is there without it?

Peering out from the behind the clouds the brightness of joy and pure light awaits you and has been there the whole time! Do you have the courage to come out and play?

…it’s a lot more fun to dance the dance of freedom than to dance to tune of fear.
Freedom is JOY.

In Gratitude


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