Mid Life Doesn’t Need To Be A Crisis

Western culture views major mid life changes as an entirely negative process and you can even see that in the labeling of such change as Mid Life Crisis.

The popular view is often that something went wrong somewhere.

Most of us experience real genuine confusion around what is truly happening at this time.

In early years and throughout our youth we are filled with useless ideas and information that mostly do not apply to real life.

What we really need to know to navigate life is never offered to us as no one shares the wisdom of elders as seen in other cultures.

Ancient spiritual yoga masters realised the importance of organic rhythmic life cycles. They recognised impulses that emerge in your consciousness, bringing new needs, new identity, and changes in lifestyle.

Let me share some deep profound wisdom that has been known for aeons about our true human journey.

I will explain the truth and power of a what a Mid Life Crisis actually is so you can truly understand it, coming out the other side the empowered being you were always meant to be.

What Mid Life Crisis Really Is

The change can happen anywhere around 42 – 44, a little before or a little later.  It is by nature one the most powerful times of your life.  The Yogis believe that the true mysteries of life will not be revealed to you until after 42.  It is seen as a time of true Maturing. We must know who we are and now deliver.

The shift in conscious and intelligence at this period prods us to evaluate and assess our priorities.

It puts our applied intelligence to the test, with many facts and results to measure our self by and we ask many questions:
What have I accomplished? What have I yet to pursue? What legacy do I want to leave? Have I been a good parent, partner, son or daughter? Do I like who I have become? Is my marriage fulfilling? Do my values really belong to me authentically or did I just acquire them along the way? What scope do I want to have in my professional and social life and do I want to do what is necessary to have and sustain that?  Do my religious beliefs and practices reflect my heart and do I embrace them whole-heartedly? Why are some of my habits blocking my goals or distracting me from what I really need to do?

These questions may produce an identity crisis.  Our conclusions and subsequent choices will reflect our past growth.  One may have affairs, another may take up kayaking, and yet another may quit their job and go back to school or start their own business.  Others become true believers of an ideology, religion or a business scheme.  A few become depressed and fall into a disturbing dissociative state paralyzing them from moving forward.  Many divorces occur at this stage of life.  What do you really want and need in a relationship and are we committed to the same values and goals?

We move from simple clear directions to the details and complexity of life.  We often feel compelled to make sense of it all.  We release old certainties to grasp for new ones.  Some of us respond by deepening our communication with our soul and refining our awareness further.  That is the best way.  Opportunities for growth abound in this stage of development.

This is a good time to go deeper into your spiritual practice.  Develop your intuition and neutral mind.  Do a deep meditation retreat.  Go on a vision quest or spiritual pilgrimage to an inspiring and unfamiliar place.  It is important to use this period of self-assessment to bring about positive change.  It is not helpful to get stuck in emotional judgements about yourself and others.  Instead, perceive, receive and conceive.  Forgiveness maybe in order.  Share your wisdom with others.  How did your lessons in life make you a better person?

It is a time to check our direction.  Are we going where we really want to go?  It’s a time to pull out that “bucket list” and see, what, if any progress, we’ve made against those dreams so often deferred.

In this stage you learn to rule yourself and not react to or blindly follow the rules.  It is an awakening of consciousness that is attended to with stillness, humility and practice.  One way to understand this period of profound change is to see it is as a shift in the source of your energy.

The core need during this period is to become mature, realistic and wise.   To know what we need to do and what we’re able to do in proportion to our stage of life and to let go of any insecurity or fear of the future.  We should appreciate who we are, what we have lived through and the resources we have gained.  We should not assume that nature will care for us as it did when we were children.  As we get older, we assume more of the responsibility for keeping our mind and body fit and full of spirit.  We must dedicate a greater portion of our days to exercise, meditation, and moderate, conscious eating. 

We need to know how to identify our habits, recognize the effects of those habits, and successfully change those habits to match the shift in our age and activities.  Our greatest enemy in this transition is unconsciousness – bad habits, excuses, rationalizations and chasing emotional fantasies – instead of conscious fulfillment or our destiny.

This is a time to make the crisis a boon; make the transition a renewed foundation; use contrasts and polarities to sharpen your focus; and move from turbulence to steady accomplishment.

By understanding your evolution in to true Maturity (not a crisis) you can navigate this pathway more gracefully and with deeper awareness.

If you feel you need support during this time, then having a session with me will bring profound clarity to this whole process.  Particularly in identifying your habits and their effects and how to become more conscious of your true destiny.

If you recognize yourself is in this process of Maturing and realize now what you need, reach out and support that need by getting a deeper understanding so you can make this vital transition with greater ease.

Most of all may this knowledge truly empower you and help you navigate life with much greater awareness.

It is my honor and privilege to serve you on your journey.

Sat Nam

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