How To Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heartlistening to your heart - how to listen to your heart

Imagine knowing for yourself what you truly want in any situation.

Knowing intimately that what you decide really came from deep within.

Feeling right with yourself in the world in every moment.

Imagine being able to really listen to your heart.

Living every day connected to your deepest sense of self.


Why Listen To Your Heart? ( Heart Vs Head )

Your heart by nature is connected to your highest sense of self.

It is beyond your mind based desires and being so means that when it is heard clearly you are guided properly in life.

This guidance is priceless enabling you a whole connection to your life experience.


How Do I Listen To My Heart?

The process to listen to your heart is something you can do at any time with some simple guidance.

Once you are tuned to the experience of listening it will come more easily.

In consideration of this, I have for you a short audio process on how to listen to your heart more effectively.

This will help you sensitize more to the subtle energy of your heart and the innate wisdom that is guiding you in life all the time.

This guided process is to help you connect more deeply with your authentic self rather than being dictated to by the busy mind constantly.

Each day, take the time out to listen to your own heart and be open to receiving.

This practice, when performed regularly, will enable you to recognize your inner guidance and heart wisdom with more clarity.

Heart wisdom assists us to navigate life with greater mastery and ease.

At the end of this process it can be helpful to write down whatever guidance you may receive.

Do so without judgement.

Recall whatever is shared authentically.

Sometimes it may not be in alignment with what your mind wants, but actually resonates at a much deeper soul level, for the highest good, beyond personal desires.

When you write it down you can go back and reflect upon your truths and let them digest over time.

The integration of this new heart based self-knowledge acknowledging deeper truths about your self and your needs can also be part of the process.

Most of all be willing to be unconditional with yourself right now.

Get yourself comfortable and then start playing this video.

I will guide you clearly through the process of how to listen to your heart.

Please… Take This Process Home!

Get a high quality Mp3 audio download to play anywhere you like.


Listen To Your Heart Testimonial

  • Sheridan – Australia – Victoria

    Kristine creates a beautiful pathway to your heart center through her stunning guided meditation. I found the experience to be profound & nurturing, a total act of self-kindness. This meditation is a precious gift that Kristine freely shares & all it takes is 15 minutes to find & connect with the kindest, wisest part of yourself that’s been waiting all your life to be heard. – Sheridan – Australia – Victoria

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Listen To Your Heart – Process Transcript

So lets begin…

To start please find a comfortable position for yourself to relax into, whether a chair, or lying down, whatever feels appropriate for you, just make sure you can relax into your body in the position you are in.

Give yourself total permission to let go of the outside world for the next 15 minutes.

That you are safe, protected and allowed to LET GO.  There is absolutely nothing you need to do.

Close your eyes in your comfortable position, and place your attention on your breathing.

Notice your breath, and become conscious of breathing more fully but gently into your belly, let your breathing expand into your belly on the count of 3, then breath out on the count of 3.

Establish breathing easily in and out equally on the count of 3 for a few moments (or whatever count of breath is right for you, but count your breath) follow it in and out, let yourself relax into your breath.

Let your breath support you.


Notice how breathing has relaxed your body.  You are more open.

Without counting now, just breathe, in and out, expand you body with your breathe, breathe yourself open through any tension.

Soften and open, let in… see your breathing in as receiving energy, see your breathing out as letting go of any tension.

Flowing in and out, in and out.

Then lightly place your awareness on your heart centre, gently acknowledging your heart, breathe into your heart, feel the breathe flow in and out consciously, see your breathe as a making a connection to your heart.  You are connecting, you are tuning in to your heart by simply placing your awareness there and breathing.

Enjoy breathing and being gentle here, feeling the flow of breathe in and out, in and out, in and out… softening, melting, flowing.

In this moment send love to yourself in recognition of your heart.  Say inwardly to yourself “I love you” , “I am worthy”, “I am open to receiving my hearts guidance”

Then just soften and be just available to listening… learn to listen, be passive, let go of control, stop searching, stop looking for something, just be in this moment, soft, open and vulnerable……letting go……

If your mind wanders, notice it, bring your awareness back to your breath, breath into your heart, feel your breath flow in and out, really feel it, relax into the breath, let it bring you back over and over again.

As you sit, breathing, soft, open and receptive, just let go, and allow whatever may arise…

Any visions

Any sensations

Any verbal guidance

Anything, just be curious and open to receiving

Do not judge or try to understand what comes, just let it in… unconditionally

Learning to just be

If you notice your distracted by thoughts again, say to yourself inwardly “ I love you, I can let go”

Put your attention back on the heart, go deeper than the noise in your head, be willing to feel that softer place inside that is more quiet, more still, more spacious, peaceful and loving, where you feel connected to yourself and the whole.

Allow yourself this space to just be soft, open.

If there is a particular issue in your life you want clarity on, then gently ask the question inside of yourself,

“Please guide me in the situation of… (whatever you need)”

Again, be soft and just listen, enjoy this relaxed spaciousness of being…

Allow whatever arises… unconditionally

Do not judge or try to understand what comes, just let it in…

(let time pass)

Now Take as much time as you need to sit with yourself listening.

After listening, remember to thank your heart, by sending yourself love and appreciation again.

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