Learn How To Let Go When Stressed And Why

Do you ever get so busy and so stretched in life that you feel like you just can’t do anymore?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and just unable to cope?

Are you stressed and struggling to find some space and happiness?

These are all classic examples of how sometimes we literally have to let go of the outside to really make the space we need so we can breathe, centre and return to balance.

Today I have a short talk for you about how you “actually let go”.


We need to observe when we are stressed, that there really is no point sometimes to continuing focusing on the outside, that we need to let go in order to find some space and that comes from placing our awareness inside.

We have been conditioned by our society, teachers, parents, media, employers that we must stay in control, that we must keep doing, and focusing all of our attention outside, we must keep moving forward, we must hold on, in essence never let go.

However the fact is, holding on to constant doing is exhausting and most of all out of balance with our true nature.

Balance comes when we start to learn that letting go is not being lazy, it is not a problem, it is not bad.

We must start to see that sometimes we are in essence craving space because we are so tight from holding on for so so long.

Yes, others around you may have forgotten the art of letting go, they too have been conditioned by their culture, they feel obligated just like you to keep going, keep pushing, keep doing.

Ask yourself, “What am I actually doing?”

“Is this making me happy right in this moment, or am I really tired, stressed and wanting some space?”

We often neglect coming inside because we have forgotten what it is like to rest inside and so the mind assumes that there is nothing there.

The mind thinks that there no benefit in letting go inside and just being. However this just it’s assumption.

Yes, your mind will want to tell you many things as why not come inside, it will say I am too busy, I am too tired, I have to take care of the kids, I have to work, I have to, I must do, I should, all if, buts and maybe that come with basically excuses simply because the practice of coming inside and resting is not familiar to you, and you want to stay in your comfort zone and keep doing what you have always done in the hope it will work out but never really does.

Yes, coming inside and being maybe new for you, but when done regularly over time, you will find the benefits speak for themselves.

Your central nervous system can start to relax because you can think less as you do not need to focus outside.

As you relax your hormones and brain chemistry will balance out and you will begin to feel lighter as your energy and consciousness shifts to a more spacious lighter place.

The pressure eases and you let go.

In that all sorts experiences may be had, relief, as the feeling of being overwhelmed disappears. Relief as your emotions start to lighten, in fact everything will begin to lighten when given the chance.

It is vital to allow space for yourself to lighten everyday otherwise you begin to get bogged down by life as there literally is always more to do and it is up to you to define healthy boundaries so you receive the relief you require from life rather than the excesses of doing and thinking.

Letting go does not mean your life will fall apart. Letting go in a constructive and insightful way by going inside and connecting with one’s own self will in fact expand your reality so it gets better.

Don’t take my word for it, but try it yourself.

Everyday come inside and just be, breathe yourself open, meet yourself in the spaciousness of nothing. Let go, come inside and be nurtured by your own innate presence that is light, loving, spacious, supportive, still, quiet, and most of all enjoyable.

Let go of the fear of not knowing how to go inside and just let your self go inward.

It is not a fancy procedure, it just requires your ability to show up and be with yourself unconditionally for a few moments or longer if you can spare it.

Whenever you choose to genuinely connect with your self it always feel good no matter what ever else is going on inside.

Letting go is really about you supporting you internal self and understanding that when you do, a lot of stress and suffering will dissapate as a result of caring for your own self more authentically.

Give yourself permission to go inside and discover what is there.

Thanks for reading.

Kristine x

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