Is Your Life Ordinary?

Imagine for a moment that you had all that you wanted in life.

All that you could imagine.

Now that you have that… are you satisfied?

Chances are you will not be and this is normal considering how
we are all conditioned to believe in our selves in this modern society.

You are presented with lifestyles on t.v., in the media, in movies
that we are all being subtly encouraged to emulate and often
this is at the cost of our own happiness and satisfaction.

This dissolving of your regular ordinary self satisfaction in the
every day breeds anxiety that eats away at your health,
self-esteem, sense of well-being and personal identity.

The solutions to this disatisfaction are laid out as things to have,
be or do whilst on the rungs of the ladder to self success.

Sadly, much of this success is excess when looked at
from an ordinary point of view.

When where you last satisfied in all areas of your life?

When have you ever taken the time to really look
at why this happens?

You are probably just as caught up as we all are at times
in just being something or someone we do not need to be
on a core level.

Embracing the ordinary is quite easy
when we accept our lives just as they are.

Do you really need to get a better job to get more money
to get that lifestyle choice that you are after?

Do you really need to leave your partner because the ‘spark’ of romance
as dictated by the media as being the ‘normal’ has gone?

You could really make any statement you like around the points
of stress in your current life and instantly discover for yourself
where you are expecting the extraordinary at the expense
of your personal satisfaction.

The key to accepting the ordinary is realizing for your self
what you need at a fundamental basic level.

If you are adding on to what you need various frills as dictated by
modern society you might find yourself lacking and it hard
to meet those needs without stressing yourself.

So sit with that… feel into it.

Do you really need to change your life to be happy?

What would it be like to be happy right now for you?

If you looked at what you have in your life, your relationship/s,
your body right now… is it possible for you to accept your life
as it is and still be happy?

If you can… then you have found one
of the simplest keys to happiness.

Welcome to the bliss of the ordinary.

Thanks for reading.

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