Is Your Life Hard Work Or Play?

How busy are you in your life?

Busyness is talked about as if it is a badge of honor,
this is how much you have done, achieved or worked today.

Yet, are you happy?

Mostly we talk about work but we are also avoiding
the biggest elephant in the room.

Our whole culture is faced with chronic depression,
addiction, health issues and dysfunctional relationships.

We are co-incidentally unfulfilled and dissatisfied.
Why?  Where is the joy?

We have all forgotten play.  Yes, play is not just for children.

It is an essential part of our life journey.
We are here to experience life, and that
at our maximum potential is realising
that life is play not work.

If you come to see your true expression in such a way,
then life begins to shine and open up beyond those restrictive
and limited ways of thinking.

Life is not just a repetitive experience of work tasks
that go on and on.

In fact it becomes one big adventure
where your choices are infinite in your ability to play.
To fulfill your own heart as the responsible being you truly are.

This short video from Alan Watts is an inspiring reminder
that you have a choice to play.

Play fills your heart and opens you to the experience of joy
that is here, now and always, if we are open to receiving it.

Do you want more joy in your life?
Then remember to play.

Thanks for reading.

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