Intense Life Change Isn’t Always Negative…

Life has definitely brought me so much change of late, it is quite challenging to keep up.

I realise that when changes come, especially when a lot happens really quickly most of us may assume that “something is wrong”. We may interpret the change as bad, since our minds really like life mostly to be predictable and comfortable and controllable.

When life puts us on the roller coaster ride of our life, this is where we see most intimately any innate resistance to trusting and entering the unknown. You must ask yourself, “Do I have the ability to embrace change with love and compassion?”

I am personally tested now, to embody my love and compassion. With new beginnings and the birth of a new yoga studio and healing centre, has come an ending. My relationship with my long term partner has now ended. It has required I dive very very deep inside, and really see the fullness of my being and if I could truly embody all of what I know and all the practices I truly want to live by.

In that moment, rather than fight and resist, I finally allowed the Grace to emerge, to let go, to flow, to surrender to unknown, trusting in something much deeper than “me”. I must dissolve the old and be reborn. It’s like the ultimate act of surrender particularly for us women, whose hearts yearn to learn, give love, be love, and when we must let go of love, then comes the test.

Can we love ourselves as much as those that may choose to go? Can you be there for yourself, in the face of the unknown, with all the fears and insecurities that may be lurking? That shadow self if allowed can then become your best friend in an instant.

I decided to place my energy into love and compassion. Such a deep peace is arising in me, one I could never have imagined. It is so calm, so spacious I am entirely curious of my own being. Who would have thought that peace was possible in the midst of loss, pain and grieving for a beloved.

I am reminded of what all the mystics and wise spiritual guides have shared along the way: When you let everything go, the truth resides. Clear as day, crisp and brilliantly alive and radiant. The undeniable truth is that I am not my relationship. I am so much more, and in the midst of deep loss my vision has expanded so rapidly that I am truly amazed.

I deeply humbled by life yet again.

Change is not bad, it is just a matter of perspective.

Change is the possibility to see much wider and further than ever before. If you have the courage to “Let go and let God”, the universe or whatever you choose to call it to guide you, you may experience the bliss that only resides within one’s experience of True Self. I am what I have been looking for. I am reminded yet again that I am never without, and life is never truly bad. Even though it may seem to be on the immediate surface. Have the courage to dive deeper and find the truth midst the chaos of mind.

I leave you with this quote from my beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan, may it inspire those who face “change” right now, whether big or small. My you face your change with courage, compassion and love and awaken to who you truly are.

"When God gives good times, he wants you to forget him and sleep. When God gives you bad times, he wants you to wake up and face him." - Yogi Bhajan.

It is my honor and priviledge to be able to serve you all.

May we all allow change to awaken us to the radiance and magnificence of our True Self.

In deep gratitude.


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