If we don’t feel we don’t heal…


I know many of us today are facing overwhelming levels of stress, the responsibility of how much we must do just to survive in our world is really for the most part actually more than we can really hold. Inevitably in the end, this is why a health crisis will emerge.

The body does not lie, and if we overburden it with too much it will go out of balance as it has no other way to offload what we have been carrying and eventually what goes in, must come out.

Many women I counsel predominately have some sort of Thyroid or Adrenal issues, gut dysfunction, food intolerances, depression, anxiety, a sense of feeling lost and disconnected. We then start to try to fix the issues from the basis of the physical issue.

We start to see rounds of doctors, go on medication, fix our diet, go gluten free, take supplements, going round and round in circles trying to heal our health, but many do not see any real improvement no matter how hard they tend to the physical body doing exactly as they are told by supposed health professionals. Why is this?

Well the body is an energy system. We still are not seeing the whole picture. Many are too busy nor have we had the proper education to really understand how the human body really works.

The most important part is actually entirely missed altogether, and this is where the disease actually starts from. The reason why it is missed is also because we will be required to be completely honest with ourselves and be willing to really feel how we are on the inside. Hence the lack of healthiness in our society. Humans, are inherently absolutely terrified to really look inside and take responsibility for the state of their internal structure, particularly emotionally and psychologically. We make excuse after excuse of being too busy, or blaming others, or believing that we have already done the work so we don’t need to keep looking inside.

Well if it was truly the case that you have contacted your authentic state then healing is the result to give direct evidence of this. If you have not had a shift in your health conditions then in all honesty you are still holding onto way too much internally, which in turn stops the body’s natural inbuilt function to heal. Our bodies are able to balance themselves and re-correct imbalances when responded too from the deepest sense. It’s why it is sick in the first place, your not running the engine properly. But where is the heart of the engine?

The central nervous system, our brain is the gateway to all other systems, its not your thyroid, its not your adrenals, its not your gut, it pure and simple your brain and how it regulates electricity as nerve impulses throughout your entire body sending messages as chemicals to govern your whole entire body.

If your brain is overloaded and firing off too much electricity from overloading your circuits you will produce chemicals that when sent will start to erode your whole entire system. We can’t fix the thyroid or adrenals if the brain is still sending chemicals to keep breaking down the system no matter how hard you try, you can’t repair anything when its not getting the right signal to heal.

An unhappy brain, will send the message of chemicals of stress, in turn this stress will break down the system. If the brain is unable to self regulate and self soothe, too calm down and give space to healthy chemistry then in turn the body does not get the message that it is safe and can begin to repair and heal.

Underneath in the core of our central nervous system we are very overstimulated, running too hot so to speak and it never gets a chance to stop, reset, soothe, and become cool again. Like a car, we must not let it get too hot or it literally will blow a gasket and it then wrecks the whole engine.

I am putting this in the simplest terms I can, of course it is much more sophisticated process, however most of us miss the point entirely. If you running too hot, and your brain gets no time to down regulate you will at some stage experience a break down. No amount of eating gluten free is going to fix the problem, nor copious amounts of medication. True healing comes from looking inside and seeing what we are holding and learning a whole new way of being that ensures balanced brain chemistry. In other words, releasing deep seated feelings and thoughts that cause us stress.

Our society still has huge resistance and ignorance to the need for understanding emotional and psychological releasing. Some of us carry more than others, mostly we don’t even know what we are carrying as we have never had the chance to even admit to ourselves what we have been through. Our childhoods, adolescents, relationships, parenting, work, finances and the rest bringing us all sort of accumulated trauma. Yes, trauma!

This is where it gets tricky, most of us do not know how to be with our thoughts or feelings consciously, we run away from them, or push them down and numb out or push them out and onto others. We have not learnt how to be responsible for our human system. At the core until we learn how to be with ourselves particularly when we are overloaded, then we cannot begin to even scratch the surface of balancing our physical system.
Most do not know what they are holding or suppressing. When I provide sessions for people I accurately can pinpoint the issues at hand that must be addressed before healing can commence. Yes, we all need help sometimes in finding our way. We are not always able to see ourselves clearly particularly when we are in a holding pattern and that pattern has arisen out of real trauma and need to survive and protect one’s self, however we never let go of this pattern, remaining blocked, shut down and unhappy as we have not emerged through the trauma but actually still remaining living within it like ground hog day, hence why we keep attracting certain experiences that keep repeating the unhappiness or the trauma.

Healing can be a intricate process of going inside and unravelling the memories that we store inside that have caused our way of thinking and feeling about ourselves. Allowing ourselves to be reborn from finding the true healthiness inside where underneath the trauma is the source of your being which is absolutely connected and empowered when we allow ourselves to let go and again let flow into the fullness of our essential being.

It relies on your commitment to really getting to know yourself and your how your brain is really functioning.

Eventually you are just going to have to show up for yourself and just admit what you are thinking and feeling and bring it right in to the present rather than sending it away in the disguise of another therapy, food diet, or medication plan. I do feel however these are all steps on the road, please I do not discount the journey but eventually it lead to me to really getting real with myself.
For those who are still suffering, I give you hope. When I took charge of really going inside without avoiding I really got in touch with how much I was still holding. Seeking professional help to feel me, see what I am inside, it was frightening, terrifying, painful, full of grief, anger all the good stuff that I was too scared to release on my own. Yes we all need help when we get down into real darkness of our raw humanity, and if we do open to, the kindest thing to give to our self is that we don’t have to go there on own own, truly you can be supported every step of the way and actually its the softest way to do it of all.

After years of being kind with me, one day it all came together, to this day I am now no longer on copious amounts of medication. I have perfect thyroid and adrenal and hormonal health. I can eat whatever I want in moderation, yes even wheat, dairy, gluten and sugar without crashing to the floor, no my pyrolle’s disease is no longer real, my body completely balanced itself as is its natural power to do. I was truly amazed at how powerful we are. My brain chemistry finally came into harmony and the relief I felt was like a miracle to me.

I still continue today to ensure to take responsibility for my brain chemistry by emotionally and psychologically down regulating or releasing in simple terms. I learn more every day. Step by step it gets easier to recognise signs and triggers and how to cope and have strategies at the ready to even out the highs and the lows. The more I care for the real me, listen to my real needs, allow space for my self soothing, the more life flows and most of all the healthiness that comes from inside radiates through you, translating into genuinely feeling good and authentically happy. Most of all, that cannot be taken away from you when you begin to empower yourself from the core of your being.

My passion is in guiding women through their life’s journey. Over 20 years of experience allows me to expertly and sensitively guide you into your core. Helping you to release old patterns of thinking and core emotional wounding, down regulating your brain and opening you to a whole and new healthy way of being, freeing your full potential into existence.

The first step starts in reaching out, and allowing yourself to be supported on the journey of seeing into the heart of the real you.

It’s gentle, kind, compassionate and effective. When you give yourself space to receive, is when the journey of true healing really begins.

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