I Wish I Looked Like Cindy Crawford

killing us softlyCindy Crawford was once quoted as saying,
“I Wish I Looked Like Cindy Crawford”.

The effect that media is having on you today
is disturbingly unhealthy and most of all absolutely unrealistic.

You have been set up for failure right from the beginning,
being told that your personal goal must be absolute perfection.

How do you actually achieve that perfection?
You can’t thanks to digital photo manipulation.

Women all over the world are trying to achieve a model of
synthetic perfection whilst even the models themselves acknowledge
that they don’t even look like that thanks to digital enhancing.

We diet, strive, exercise, buy, emotionally torture ourselves
to look desirable.

Is this really your true potential?
Is this really the fullness of your divine creativity?

We are not objects, we are beings of such amazing intelligence.
I wonder sometimes how we managed to go to sleep so profoundly.

Then I look at how much we are continuously bombarded with unrealistic
stereotypes in all of the media and it is no wonder we fell
into a hypnotic false dream of ourselves.

Yet many still do not realise the depth of how
this affects us and the choices we make.

Truly ask yourself, in your relationship with how you see
you and all that you do in the world,
“Does this path that I am on have heart?”.

Most of how you relate to your self and others is being dictated
to you by impossible standards imposed by the media.

Isn’t it time that you take your power back and live
once and for all in your heart?

Neurosis need not apply within any more.  Thank you.

The path of heart will ultimately lead you to freedom
and liberation.

Find your wings and fly and radiate your true beauty
to the world.

This is my call to all women and young girls in the world today.

The documentary I have included below will remind you that you are
beautiful just as you are by being able to acknowledge and become
more aware of how you are subtly manipulated to your detriment.

May mothers especially share this with their vulnerable
young daughters growing up in a distorted world to keep
them protected and healthy in their sense of self.

The documentary is by Jean Kilbourne a woman whom has been
researching the effects of media upon our view of self for over 20 years.

Here is the trailer from “Killing Us Softly” by Jean for you that delves into this subject in full.

To watch the full version of this documentary click here :


Thanks for reading.


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