I Know I Need To Stop Doing So Much In My Life, But How Do I Do It?

After decades of working with clients the most frequent realisationI know I need to stop doing so much in my life, but how do I do it?
that many have is the need to slow down and let go of doing so much.

Then the obvious question is asked, “But how do I stop doing?”.

This is a fair question considering we are all conditioned
to believe we must keep doing in order to survive
and most of all to be a worthy person.

It seems your self worth is intimately connected to how much you do.

Eventually you will come to the end of the road exhausted
and still unhappy.

There is another way.

Not doing does not mean you will do nothing ever,
it just means that you will realise that a lot of what
is pushing you to do is actually your fear,
not your true inspiration.

You discover your natural flow.

Here is one the best talks from Adyashanti in two parts
on how to stop doing and what arises within that,
so you can gain specific detailed insight in
how to let go more easily.

Part 1

Part 2

In not doing there is happiness, it is your essential self
finally being experienced, without any effort at all
and your heart naturally shines.

Enjoy your Self.

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