How To Be Happy… Always

Happiness is an experience we all seem to be searching for.

Of course we want to be happy!

Why does it seem so hard to get that happiness?

Why also do many of us feel that we cannot achieve it?

Today, our in our western societies depression is in epidemic proportions.  Why is that?

Have you actually noticed how rare it is to meet a person who is truly happy?

Most of us live in some type of perpetual conflict with life resulting in unhappiness.

Happiness, unfortunately, has been linked to success and achievement.

We become driven toward obtaining things or situations we are told
are cultural standards of what makes for a happy life.

Whether that be the perfect job, more money, a better relationship,
perfect children, the dream holiday, the most fashionable current clothing
and basically anything that you can imagine that comes from the outside.

This is actually the main reason why happiness eludes us as a permanent reality in our lives.

True happiness does come from a deeper realization from within.

Today I have a short video from Adyashanti that defines a simpler path to happiness.



Thanks for reading.


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