How Free Are You?

Where is the pure joy in your life? Is it really being experienced?
Are you wondering where it went or how to find it? Are you truly free?

This short video is so vibrant, and joyful it touches the heart on every level.

Pure freedom of expression which all beings yearn for.

Young children, our most precious resource, are authentically honest,
they do not yet carry the self-consciousness that comes with adulthood
from cultural peer group pressure and the need to conform.

Click the image to view this short 1 minute wonderful video.

Happiness is not something we get or achieve,
it is what we already are deep inside, and it is realised
when we truly allow ourselves to be in each moment.

Happiness is connected to play.
Something many adults neglect as a part of their essential self.

May this inspire you to just let go, play, express yourself
in the most innocent and unselfconscious of ways.

Arriving at true freedom is felt deeply in the heart and soul.

Each moment is an invitation to experience your freedom of being.

It is up to you to receive the happiness that awaits there.

It requires courage to let go of inhibitions, judgements,
fear, self imposed limitations and truly accept yourself
as the innocent open hearted being you really are.


Thanks for reading.
Kristine x

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