Yoga And Trauma

In recent times I have experienced this personally where I was exposed to less than skilled teachers in yoga that lacked understanding of trauma and how it can affect individuals. Trauma is real, and it is important that teachers really take responsibility for being more aware.

Some may not realise they are actually doing more harm than good.

Be brave, show up and be open to learning more about what is really happening within the delicate psychology of all beings.

As a Trauma survivor I can truly attest to what is being shared is really real. It is not a concept. I have lived it. So if I have, I am sure others in your classes have too.

It is my passion to serve those in real need with deep sensitivity and care. When trauma is acknowledged that is where the deep healing and repair really begins, not glossing over the surface with yoga poses and pretending like it doesn’t exist.

Pain and suffering is a part of the everyday world. Yoga is not meant to be a cover up. However it can be used as a way to avoid the shadow rather than authentically connect with it in love and compassion.

Yoga is meant to give way to the truth… however in truth it is not always love and light.

May this light your way in dark times and bring the light in honestly with being open to recognition of what may be truly arising and not hiding from it.


Part I: Trauma Training Should Be Mandatory for Yoga Teachers
The environment of the yoga class is particularly ripe for trauma triggering because of its inherently intimate nature, arising out of the integration of mind and body…

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