Do You Really Love Yourself? How To Transform Self Hatred…

Today you will find many New Age self help methods
that sell the idea how to love yourself.

Many of which are really presenting just more stuff
to do to get the love you want.

Unfortunately more confusion results as there is still a basic lack of
authentic connection to your self that comes from just pure unconditional
acceptance of your own being and experience, no matter what is happening.

How many of us truly surrender to the moment, let alone your self just as you are?

When you resist your self and believe you are not good enough,
then you are actually participating in “self hatred” which
is why suffering is the end result.

You do not need to suffer. This suffering is born from ignorance of the recognition of your true self.

When you know how to let go of your identities, underneath
you will discover the vastness of your being, real love.

This short 10 minute video of Gangaji on “Self Hatred” discusses how you
can shift your perspective to change your whole reality to experience more love.


The beauty of your being is always present.

I hope this will help to remind you how truly beautiful you really are.


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