Do You Need A Boyfriend, Partner… To Be Married?

Often I meet with people whom are literally desperate
for a relationship and by doing so they are not even
realising they have to nurture themselves first.

This of course means that they are by default unavailable
for relationship in the first instance because the
self obsession isn’t an attractive quality to potential mates.

Everyone knows what it is like when someone is needy and
you may remember yourself meeting people that left you feeling drained.

This skewed point of self relation is unhealthy and spins off
into many kinds of distortions of the self we try to fill with
food, entertainment, sex, objects, mortgages and more.

A hole of this kind is impossible to fill until you truly love yourself as you are.

This whole new level of being attractive to yourself makes
you attractive to others.

When you realise you don’t need anyone else to define you
or your being then you will often find that is when someone
will turn up in your life just as you are, fully
available to being met wholly.

I have here below for you a short video by Byron Katie whom
is dedicated to assisting people to authentically discover their self-love.



In this short video Byron Katie assists a woman to see
what she truly needs and the result is truly clarifying
for her and may be for you too.

Thanks for watching

Kristine x

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