Do You Have Money Worries?

One of the biggest myths that you may be suffering
from is the myth of not having enough money.

This may be a reality for you in your perception of your self
and your life right now although if you really looked at it
honestly can you say it is entirely true?

You may have been conditioned to believe you
need more than you already have.

Happiness often comes when we are satisfied with
all that is in your life right now.

Anything outside of that is wanting and desire which
causes conflict with complete self satisfaction.

Often societal pressure for you to ‘perform’ and show
a measure of ‘success’ comes with obligations that are
outside of your means to actually be satisfied within.

If you are running on the treadmill of life and wondering
if it is all too much it might be time to decide if
what you are doing is right for you?

Is all of ‘this’ removing your ability to experience satisfaction
in the every day?

Do you really need to upgrade your partner, kitchen, patio,
lounge, wardrobe, home, car, phone?

When does it all become enough so you can sit back and relax in living?

These two short videos by Byron Katie explore the understanding
of how your beliefs form your life experience.



I wish you enough… as that is all that you really actually need.

Thanks for reading.

K xx

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