Be True To Your Self

be true to your selfThe simplest but most profound realisation I come to over and over again around creating abundance and well being in my life is most importantly being true to myself.

Ultimately it simply just means be your self.

However, it takes true grit and courage to unhook from all your societal programming around what you think you “should” be.

Conditioned by society you have been heavily pressured from a young age to be actually something other than you, a better version of you, more socially acceptable, a supposed good version of you, not plainly and simply just who you are in each moment.

There is no right or wrong way to be, however your mind has been trained to believe in that concept.  This inherently stops your flow as you immediately split off from yourself in order to become some other version of you based on what others want rather than really listening to your own internal flow.

If you have any type of imbalance in your life, whether health, finances, relationships, emotional, mental, the list goes on, well mostly (not all however) it does stem from the inability to truly appreciate who you are in this moment.

Suffering means you are somehow right now resisting your flow rather than really going with it.

Your greatest power lay in being able to go with your flow, without lettings others demands get in the way of your own unique divine flow.  Your pure uninhibited creative essence already has an intelligence, an awareness of what is appropriate for you in each moment. If you are listening, sensitive, connected and able to be courageous enough to take action from this place of honesty, then life feels alive, vibrant, joyous as you are in tune with you.  You feel deep connectedness with all, the harmony of flow.

Just be you.

Yes, be courageous do not compromise, hide, manipulate, control, dominate or escape and you will discover that going with your flow means just that, flow.  All will come to you.

This is where your true destiny can unfold rather than just your fear and reactions being played out again again causing recurring pain and suffering.  Happiness is your birthright.

Be vulnerable enough to take a step into experiencing the true power that lay within you when you accept your experience in this moment unconditionally.  It includes your fear and your pain for it is part of you until you learn to accept that too.

Suffering is a limited expression of being, mostly being self imposed upon yourself due to a lack of awareness.  Recognise suffering as a signpost to awakening, that somehow life is wanting you to see a better way of expressing yourself right now, and if you are open to looking and let yourself in then you will discover the magic that lay there for you in the true discovery of your unlimited self and your true divine nature that will nourish every part of your being.

Flow is love, love is flow.  Suffering is the absence of flow.

Still there is love but it cannot be realised until you let go and begin to flow with the essential truth.  For there truly is no other option but being who you are in each moment.  Responsibly and consciously.

If suffering is your friend right now, then I encourage you to find deeper truths within you.  Face your fears and liberate your true voice, then powerful healing and transformation can happen for you.

You can only discover love once you have truly let go.

“Creation is ready to serve you, if you just be you.”  – Yogi Bhajan

Thanks for reading

Kristine x

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