Awakening Is Not What You Think It Is

It seems today many of us are developing ourselves and putting time, money, energy and effort in to what we hope is creating a happier place within ourselves and working towards creating better place externally.

There are pitfalls to this, blind spots, and as always I am passionate about really helping people to see what true awakening and empowerment really entails. It is not what you think it is.

Today there is great deal of denial of really exposing much deeper truths. Yes, it can be hard to really admit things as they really are, but until we do there can be no real growth that expands us into the truth of our being nor can the world really change until we see it as it is.

This is a short documentary that covers the real essence of awakening. If you want the truth, then I highly recommend this as a guide to your own awakening process, see it for what it truly is.

Empowerment is a matter of seeing the truth clearly, inside and outside of yourself. This is the challenge we are presented with today. All of us must get better at discerning the deeper hidden truths.

May this support you on your journey.

In service of truth

I originally found this video here :

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