Awaken Or Perish!


I am fresh out of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, inspired and aware of the deepest feeling of connection with my self and my Spirit I have ever had in my whole life.  I came to realise over and over again during Yoga Training, that the most fundamental relationship I require to support myself in life on every level is my regular and consistent daily practice that connects me to a sense of Spirit, God… or whatever you choose to call your connection to the Divine.

When I experience this connection directly in myself and of myself I am relieved and realise I am fully loved, connected and supported in every facet of my life.  In fact I am aware of going beyond “Me” and really feeling connected to the “higher self”.  That which is not limited by our personality or ego.  The five senses that contain the information of what we call “me” and its interpretation of life.

When you begin to practice regularly showing up and just being with yourself and God in whatever way, shape or form, you will come to realise you are so much more than you have ever imagined.  So why have you not realised this until now, well perhaps you have been too distracted, too busy, attached to everything outside of yourself to the point that when was the last time you really truly sincerely came inside and connected to who you are her now, without wants, desires, expectations, duty, obligations all the do’s and don’ts that society puts upon you, filling your head with ever more distraction.

You are not what you think, you are beyond thought.  Love and connection is right here right now, when you are willing to let go of it all and just be, allow, make space and enter into sincere communion with your inner self then you will begin to realise all that the spiritual mystics have repeatedly said over and over again.

Basically it is up to you, to enter into a deeper connection with your higher Self.

Russell Brand, provides a brilliantly powerfully clear description in this short youtube video, of what is the true fate of all humanity.  Time to awaken and know the truth of who you really are.

We are all ready to go to next level of consciousness and experience the love, connection and bliss we constantly yearn for.

May this inspire you to open to the next level of your potential.


Kristine x


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