Are You Star Struck?

How often do you turn on the TV or open a magazine and envy the rich and famous?

Have you ever longed to actually be near or actually be that person?

It seems everyone wants to be famous in one way or another, as if that equals true success.

Does it really?  Is the desire to be famous actually truly what is deep in your heart?

If you are ready to see some very powerful truths about just how much you have been manipulated to believe what you believe, then be brave and committed to watch this whole documentary right to the very end.

It is intensely sobering to wean your self from a very unhealthy corrupt system that has not only started your addiction but kept you craving your whole life for a false reality that has never served you in the first place.

Wake up, and realise your true self is NOT that.

Direct your attention to experiences and people who are here serve you, not control you.

The first step is to know the difference between selfish and selfless service.

Once you can see objectively you have a real chance to create a life that is in alignment with your soul.

Happiness arises from truth.  Not lies.

Watch this and it may very well change your whole outlook.

It is my deep prayer that all beings awaken to the truth.

Sat Nam



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